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Conquest: Konungyr und Previews

Es gibt noch mehr Neuheiten für Conquest.

PB Conquest Nords Konungyr 1 PB Conquest Nords Konungyr 2 PB Conquest Nords Konungyr 3 PB Conquest Nords Konungyr 4

Nords: Konungyr – €24.00

The fragmented leadership of the Nords respects only one thing: power and strength. Less than a dozen leaders among the Nords can claim, and hold, the title of Konungyr. Ultimate recognition of this accomplishment is an invitation by Angbjorn, last of the Einherjar and titular High King of the Nords, to the High Table in Aarheim.

Box Contents

●    1 Resin Character Miniature
●    1 Infantry Plastic Base

Bei OnTableTop gab es außerdem diese Bilder zu sehen:

PB Conquest Ice Jotnar The Nords

Ice Jotnar // The Nords

The Ice Jotnar is the next in the Artisan series so this mighty figure will be cast in resin to capture the exquisite details sculpted by Michael Knontraros but will also carry a hefty price tag. Unlike the regular Jotnar the Ice Jotnar has a lower amount of wounds but that is offset by a Defense of three rather than one, so he will be sticking around, add to that an improved Cleave value and the additional 70 points to field this beast is almost paid for.

But the real reason you want to bring the icy threat with you is that he is a spellcaster with access to up to three spells, additional defense on himself, a ranged attack to inflict wounds on a target and my personal favourite Encase. If successfully cast it halves the march value of the target and in a rank and file game especially movement and manoeuvre are incredibly important, being able to stymie an opponent at an opportune moment can ruin previous turns of preparation and hand you a massive edge.

PB Conquest Herald Of Stone Dweghom

Herald of Stone // Dweghom

There are also releases for the Dweghom and the Hundred Kingdoms as they both get new Characters. The Herald of stone (above) and the Null Mage (below) are resin cast and highly detailed. At the moment they do not appear in the Army Builder, so they may be getting additional rules in the future or it could be to add variety to your Characters depending on the role you have for them on the tabletop. Either way they are once again stunning sculpts from the team at Para Bellum.

PB Conquest Null Mage Hundred Kingdoms

Null Mage // Hundred Kingdoms

So as people get to grips with The W’adrhŭn as the newest kids on the block there is still plenty coming for the existing factions to help redress the balance of dinosaur riding saurians. As much as I like the Icy Jotnar, I think the stand out sculpt for me has got to be the Null Mage. There is a lot going on with him controlling all the elements at once in the mystical version of doing wheelies in front of your friends, but it is the wooden mask that does it for me, I’m sure I’ve seen it before and it was smokin‘

Quelle: Para Bellum


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