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Color Quest: Saga

Die knuffigen Farbkrieger bekommen eine neue Erweiterung.

Color Quest Saga : the perfect book to start or achieve your Quest !

FC Color Quest Saga 1

From Khroma genesis to final battle, you will discover into this book the whole Color Warz History.

FC Color Quest Saga 2 FC Color Quest Saga 3 FC Color Quest Saga 4

Since Oak’s Quest starts with Color Warz : Paint Brawl to the final battle between the Bright Chosen One and the Ultimate Bane described in Color Warz Dark Threat.

Discover over 80characters, and especially Color Quest new characters and great final.

Color Quest Saga : The Book

The book will contains 110 pages of illustrations and background.
note : the number of pages included in the book may be increased depending of unlocked stretch goals.

Book summary

  1. Chapter 1 : Genesis (epic battle between Kaos and Gaia) – 4 pages
  2. Chapter 2 : The Ancients War against Fongia – 4 pages
  3. Chapter 3 : A new Age : Oak, his Followers and the Ronin – 4 pages
  4. Chapter 4 : Looking for The Chosen One (Paint Brawl arc) – 25 pages
  5. Chapter 5 : Color Quest arc – 40 pages
  6. Chapter 6 : The Chosen One and the Wooden King (Dark Threat arc) – 25 pages
  7. Chapter 7 : A new World-Tree – 4 pages
  8. Chapter 8 : Color Warz History, from ISART Digital to FLUO Craft – 4 pages
  9. Additionnals chapters scheduled as Stretch Goals

Color Quest Saga : Miniatures

The Color Quest Saga campaign introduces the new Color Quest Saga Artbook but also new miniatures playable for both camps.

– The Sucubus level 1
– The Sucubus level 2
– The Mega Kadamas / Shadow Specter
– El Luchador (new monster on 50mm basis)

FC Color Quest Saga 6

A fifth miniatures (Samouraï) has been unlocked as stretch goal.

FC Color Quest Saga 7

Experimental profiles for these characters will be published soon. These rules will be improved after the campaign.

New miniatures will be unlocked as Stretch Goals during the campaign.

Color Quest Saga Book and Miniatures informations

 FC Color Quest Saga 19

Color Quest : The Game

FC Color Quest Saga 9 FC Color Quest Saga 10

For financial and timing reasons, the Color Quest Game Set is not available through this campaign.

It will come back next year with new content.

Das sind die wichtigsten Pledges:

FC Color Quest Saga 11 FC Color Quest Saga 12 FC Color Quest Saga 13 FC Color Quest Saga 14 FC Color Quest Saga 15 FC Color Quest Saga 16 FC Color Quest Saga 17

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 3 Tage.

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