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Bushido: Weitere November Welle Previews

GCT Studios zeigen auf Facebook weitere Ausblicke auf die November Welle für Bushido.

GCT Studios Bushido Jum Preview 1 GCT Studios Bushido Jum Preview 2

Following yesterday’s reveal let’s keep the shuriken flying by taking a look at another model dues for release in the next wave.
You wouldn’t look twice at Jum if he came towards you on the streets. That is until he slips into the shadows allowing him to match even a Samurai in melee, as long as they don’t know he’s coming for them!
Preorders will be on our website shortly and are due for release late November.
GCT Studios Bushido Kyudoka Preview 1 GCT Studios Bushido Kyudoka Preview 2
Who’s ready for another reveal? Well, whether or not you are, you’re getting one!
Kyudo, the art of archery, has long been the pastime of the Samurai and it is traditionally frowned upon for anyone else to take up a bow. However, Shiho Shota, a master of Kyudo, has been training loyal Shiho Ashigaru to use this weapon to devastating effect. These Loyal Kyudoka bring mobile yet effective ranged options to the forces of the Shiho.
Preorders will be on our website shortly and are due for release late November.
GCT Studios Shinyuki Preview 1 GCT Studios Shinyuki Preview 2
little later than planned, we are pleased to show you the final model from the next wave of releases.
A member of the infamous Bleeding Moon, Shinyuki excels in death, stealth and being prepared to deal with any situation. Hiding his identity behind a fearsome mask that stupefies his enemies, creating a moment of hesitation that is all he needs to strike first.
Preorders will be on our website shortly and are due for release late November.

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  • Wunderschöne Minis, wie immer! War schon ein wenig überrascht, das der Samurai zu Syndicate gehört, weil das Aussehen ist für mich ziemlich shihoisch (wenn ich so ein Wort basteln darf). Aber auch besser so, die haben in der letzten Zeit wenig Neuigkeiten bekommen!

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