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Bushido: Neuheiten

GCT Studios zeigen af Facebook die nächsten Neuheiten für ihren fantasy-Skirmisher Bushido.

Bushido April21 01 Bushido April21 02 Bushido April21 03 Bushido April21 04 Bushido April21 05 Bushido April21 06 Bushido April21 07 Bushido April21 08 Bushido April21 09 Bushido April21 10

Happy Sunday Bushido fans! Hopefully you are all having a great weekend but let’s see if we can make just that little bit better. We are pleased to provide full details of the releases available in our next wave. This wave will be available for preorder on 17th April and will be released in May.
• Yuta of Yurei Themed Warband. The three fell-hearted sisters haunt the dark places of Jwar and combine their powers to cast some of the most potent and expensive Ki feats in the game to further their plans of ill-intent.
• Eldest Brother. Although his origin is shrouded in mystery, what is known is that his loyalty to Shiho Hiroto is unquestionable. Eldest Brother is a brute in combat, tempering his rage with the teachings from his time in the Temple.
•Shiho Hiroto. The Black Eagle Has Landed! In his fallen father’s battle armour, Shiho Hiroto strides the Isles of Jwar hellbent on revenge! Hiroto provides his Warband with unprecedented options while also having the ability to fight any model with both confidence and cunning.
• Hitokuchi. Big and bulky yet uncannily fast, this razor-toothed Great White Shark slices through melee with nonstop aggression. His savage nature dictates that he eat what he kills, allowing Hitokuchi to heal any damage sustained on the field of battle.
•Ook. Bakemono bodyguards are notoriously tricky and untrustworthy but as a Guardian of the Shadow Council, Ook is ever loyal to the Bakemono’s twilight cause. Ook offers unseen options to a Bakemono horde with robust melee ability, and a range of valuable attacks and defences.
• Ito Akane. Ever known for her cruel and sadistic behaviour on and off the battlefield, Akane delights in using her spear to impale her foes, then standing back to watch them die. Able to grant her weapon poison, even a single point of damage in melee will be devastating to even the toughest Minimoto Samurai!

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  • Das es die Yuta Box und der Eldest Brother in den regulären Verkauf geschafft haben wird einige sehr freuen.
    Hiroto in Rüstung sieht auch sehr gut aus.
    Bei Hitokuchi will mir der Render noch nicht wirklich gefallen. Aber ich hab mehrmals die Erfahrung gemacht, dass die Minis viel besser aussehen und die Proportionen passen.
    Alle wieder wirklich gut gelungen.
    Ich hoffe ja ganz stark, dass bald das angekündigte Fluff und Szenario Buch rauskommt.

  • Das da noch mal neue Verstärkung für die Bakemono kommt. Hatte die Fraktion mehr oder weniger als abgeschlossen gesehen – was jetzt positiv zu verstehen ist.
    Da bin ich mal mehr als gespannt.

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