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Brigade Models: Neuheiten

Brigade Models veröffentlicht neue Sci-Fi Ukrainer in 6mm.

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Brigade Models – New Ukrainians in 6mm

We have a number of new releases at various stages of preparation, and it seems that many of them are 6mm SF. This is in part because we held back a number of new releases for the Joy of Six show last year which, like everything else, didn’t happen. So if you’re a micro-scale SF gamer then it could be a bumper time in the next couple of months.

This week we have the New Ukrainian Army for Hammer’s Slammers:The Crucible. The 15mm NUA appeared last year and it’s now the turn of the smaller scale. There’s a bonus too, with three extra vehicles that haven’t yet appeared in 15mm (but will very soon).

The NUA have eight new vehicles altogether, plus three detachment packs. NUA forces can be fielded as either Elite or Veteran units – the packs include enough vehicles and infantry to field either option. The detachment listcan be found on the Crucible website which detail the TOEs for both types of formation.

NUA Heavy Armoured Detachment – £9.75
NUA Support Detachment – £7.75
NUA Light Recce Detachment – £7.50

Vyriz Medium Tank – £1.25
Burun II AA Tank – £1.25
Vyriz Medium Tank – £1.25
Groza II Artillery – £1.25
Bulava Heavy Tank – £1.25
Zhalo Light Tank – £0.80
Shershnem Tank Destroyer – £0.80
Yastrub MICV – £1.25


Link: Brigade Models

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