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Blood Bowl: Scyla Anfingrimm Preview

Scyla Anfingrimm bereitet sich darauf vor einige harte Tackles auszuteilen.

Meet the Khornate Star Player Who is Never Not Tackling and Taking Skulls

Jim:  Bob, I’ve been meaning to ask you, what’s your favourite part of Blood Bowl?

Bob: Well Jim, I’d have to say the tackles – the more violent, the better!

Jim: Today’s Star Player is going to be right up your alley Bob, I’m not sure he’s ever given up the opportunity to get a solid tackle in.

Bob: Oh boy! Nothing gets the blood going like a big bruiser on the pitch.

Jim: Let’s pass things over to Alyssa, on the pitchside. Stay on your toes, this one’s rowdy.

Blood Bowls Anfingrimm 1

Alyssa: Blood Bowl players come in all shapes and sizes, but few are both as big and brutal as Scyla Anfingrimm. A hulking beast of unknown origins, some say he’s a daemon anointed by Khorne himself, whilst others think he’s an irate fan that found his way onto the pitch in a fit of rage and simply hasn’t left.

All we truly know is that he is a single-minded fan of carnage. Nothing can stand between Anfingrimm and a vicious tackle – not even petty distractions such as the ball and scoring touchdowns can draw his attention away from their next target.

Blood Bowls Anfingrimm 2

The only thing that comes close to deflating Anfingrimm’s imposing stature is his quaint adherence to the standard Blood Bowl uniform guidelines– he is never seen without league-mandated socks, which regularly draw chuckles from opposing team members. However, such behaviour simply marks them as prime targets for his next furious tackle.

Blood Bowls Anfingrimm 3

Sartorial quirks aside, Anfingrimm is known for popping heads and taking skulls left and right – with 83 confirmed fatalities, 104 serious injuries handed out, and a staggering grand total of one, singular, accidental touchdown to his name.

Over to you in the commentary box.

Bob: Wow Jim, this is my kind of player! A pugilistic powerhouse with a taste for blood!

Jim: I thought you’d be a fan. I have to say the socks are a little distracting, however.

Bob: It’s all part of his technique, Jim – if he doesn’t knock you out, the smell will!

Scyla Anfingrimm will be available to pre-order soon and will be a perfect fit for any Chaos Chosen team that needs an almost impractical amount of muscle on their roster.

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