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Black Site Studio: Neuheiten

Black Site Studio veröffentlicht modulares Sci-Fi Gelände.

Cormorant Class Freighter 2 Cormorant Class Freighter 3 Cormorant Class Freighter 4 Cormorant Class Freighter 5 Cormorant Class Freighter 6 Cormorant Class Freighter 1

Cormorant Class Freighter – Core Set 169,99 USD

Violent Dark (formerly Anomaly) is a 32mm co-op or head-to-head game that pits the crew of a massive corporation’s ship or planetary facility against the threats of the galaxy that lurk and prey beyond The Dark.

A game of Violent Dark is played with 3-5 miniatures per side on a 2’×2′ area.

This Prepainted MDF kit will include the following

1x Main room
2x Half rooms
4x Hallways
4x Half hallways
4x ladders
6x Four way crossways
8x Bulkhead doors
5x Vent end caps
11x end caps

This product is supplied unassembled

This Product is a preorder as part of the Violent Dark Backroom event. It will be fulfilled in our current fulfilment window of late January/early Feb. For more info you can read our Violent Dark FAQ.

Please make sure you read and understand all the aspects of this launch before ordering.

Quelle: Black Site Studio FB
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