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Black Seas: in the Mediterranean PreOrder

Bei Warlord Games können jetzt die Neuheiten für Black Seas in the Mediterranean vorbestellt werden.

Black Seas in the Mediterranean – Pre-Order Today!

Our Black Seas range is soon set to expand with the introduction of both the Galley and the Xebec. These vessels will open up new mechanics and tactical options for the game, whilst also allowing players to field entirely new fleet compositions – for example, squadrons of Barbary Corsairs raiding the North African coast. Will you raid trading routes or recruit some of these vessels for your national navies?

Black Seas In The Mediterranean2


Large Xebec:

A Xebec is a two- or three-masted vessel usually found in the Mediterranean, used for trading, but also favoured by corsairs. This pack contains one large xebec, with rules for its use in game included.

Black Seas In The Mediterranean3

Xebec Squadron:

Black Seas In The Mediterranean4

The ideal basis for a Barbary corsair fleet, this pack contains three (small) xebecs. You’ll find rules for their use in Black Seas with the included ship cards.

Large Galley:

Though a little dated by the Age of Sail, galleys have a storied history. Their primary propulsion was by oar, a mechanic reflected in the Black Seas rules that provides a fresh challenge for players. A large galley is classed as a medium sized ship in the game.

Black Seas In The Mediterranean5

Galley Squadron:

The galley was the predominant naval vessel used in the Mediterranean from the time of the early naval powers to the end of the 16th century. The galleys in this squadron pack count as small vessels in Black Seas.

Black Seas In The Mediterranean6

Black Seas Accessory Pack:

This accessory pack allows players to customise their Black Seas vessels and coastal scenery pieces to their hearts‘ desire.


  • 6 Piles of Cannonballs
  • 6 Closed Chests
  • 6 Open Treasure Chests
  • 6 Barrels
  • 6 Cannons

Black Seas In The Mediterranean1

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