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Asgard Rising: Tales From Midgard

Asgard Rising hat einen Kickstarter gestartet.

ASGARD RISING: Tales from Midgard

3D Printable STL Miniatures and terrain for Role Playing Games, Tabletop, Wargames, or other RPG

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  •  5 x (modular Warriors) – „Vikings had a strong warrior culture, which made violence a common feature of their daily life. The Viking warriors excelled in hand-to-hand combat and learned to fight at an early age”;
  •  5 x (modular Berserkers) – „The berserkers were the most feared of all Viking warriors. They fought without armor, in a trance-like state. They ignored their wounds and had only one goal — to hack another human being into pieces”;
  •  10 x (modular Sheildmaidens) – „Shieldmaidens would have used all the weaponry available to male warriors at the time, and there are accounts of women going viking and fighting in shield walls with their male warrior compatriots”;
  •  6 x (modular Riders) – „Nothing is more fearful to enemies than an armed Viking, unless he is on a small but very durable Icelandic horse“;
  •  35 x (modular male Hand/Weapon) – to use with Warriors, Berserkers, Riders;
  •  23 x (modular female Hand/Weapon) – to use with Shieldmaidens;
  •  1 x Madraxx Cave Dragon – Free mini from RN Estudio;
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals for that pledge or included Warbands;
  • Access to Paid Addons.

Tales From Midgard KS 9.jpg

  •  Village Buildings (modular Terrain Set) – With it, you can create an entire Village consisting of small houses, tall houses,  barns. Use swithes, rigs to connected houses into longhalls, stright and at an angle. There are three types of roof covering (planks, shingles and thatched roofs), each roof has two forms: completed or demaged, chouse the one that suits you best. Fronts, backs, sides also have varietes (log and planks). Each house can be decorated with numerus top-ends ornaments, roof-ends and ridge board varietes. Manual – HERE!
  •  Single Palisade  (Terrain Set) – Typical construction consisted of small or mid-sized tree trunks aligned vertically, with no free space in between. The pales are sharpened or pointed at the top, and were driven into the ground. The height of a palisade is 3-4 m. As a defensive structure, palisades were often used in conjunction with earthworks (Spike Fence – Sharp Defense Poles). The gate has two doors with a closing trunk;
  •  Large Palisade  (Terrain Set) -Similar to Single Palisade, but with a few enhancements. Each Palisade element has space – level to set up defensive units. The tree trunks are reinforced with a rope and additional piles, the set includes a large and small stairs and a ladder. Noteworthy is the gate: which, in addition to the Closing Log, which protects against opening the door, has a Locking Bolt that protects against breaking the door with the hinges;
  •  Spike Fence (Sharp Defense Poles) – One of the oldest but very useful forms of defense. A group of sharpened piles driven into the ground and directed with a sharp point towards the invader is an effective way to stop him and cover him with arrows. Perfect against cavalry;
  •  1 x Madraxx Cave Dragon – Free mini from RN Estudio;
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals for that pledge or included Sets;
  • Access to Paid Addons.

Tales From Midgard KS 10.jpg

  •  All from VIKING FORCE
  •  1 x Madraxx Cave Dragon – Free mini from RN Estudio;
  •  1 x Lapidazyl Ancient Dragon – Free mini from RN Estudio;
  • All Unlocked Stretch Goals for that pledge;
  • Access to Paid Addons.

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Ende. January 20 2022 8:00 PM CET.

Stand: 20.000 EUR (Ziel 1.000 EUR)

Link: Tales From Midgard



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