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Artel „W“ Miniatures: Neue Previews

Artel „W“ Miniatures zeigen neue Previews auf Facebook.

Artel „W“ Miniatures Büsten Previews 01 Artel „W“ Miniatures Büsten Previews 02 Artel „W“ Miniatures Büsten Previews 03

We are two posts away from the end of 2020 – and this is the first one of them.
Some samples of what is coming next year, this time for the busts – first one is The Imp by Maria Anikina aka Rogue-One (https://www.artstation.com/maria_anikina), and another one is the bust of Beast Slayer Titan, and it is made tradional way. It`s good to return to roots sometimes 🙂
And now, some words about our schedule from yours truely Jay_from_W. 🙂 Due to long holidays here, in Russia, there will be no dispatchments `tll January`s 11th, but we will be packing orders between 3rd and 11th. Also, a lot was dispatched yesterday and last week – I will receive tracking codes for it and update the info on holidays. I need some rest, so answering your emails and PMs could be slower, than usual, but I will return to my duty ay January`s 5th, I hope 🙂
See ya, guys, riiiiight before Happy New Year at 31/12/2020 to give this frag of year proper kick for good bye!

Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 01 Artel „W“ Miniatures Neue Previews 02

UPD: Holiday`s Discount (15%, applying automatically at checkout) and gifts will be available at ArtelW.com `til January`s 5th 🙂
Happy New Year, Awesome Ones!!!
With this last post of the 2020 we want to wish all the best. I know, 2021 will be no piece of cake, but we can go through all these, supporting each other and doing the best we can. Together.
Also, let me say huge „THANK YOU!!!“ guys. Your support was enourmous during all the events of this year, and, speaking from the depth of my heart, we love you. You are breathtaking. Seriously.
And, of course, some sneakpics of what to come in 2021 🙂
See ya all on the other side! – Jay_from_W on befalf of Artel „W“ Miniatures team


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