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Alternative Armies: Neuheiten

Alternative Armies veröffentlichen u. a. die Legion de Nain Grenadiere für Flintloque.

Alternative Armies –  Neuheite:

Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 2 Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 5 Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 1

Big new June release for Flintloque. Legion de Nain Grenadiers! Heavy hitter Dwarves with Blunderbuss and Grenades for your forces. The legion continues to expand for the Beir Wars project. Pack, Unit, Singles. Go to the blog for details and the website for all the miniatures. Boom, Boom shake the room! Our last Valon, Fantasy release this month. Thank you. GBS https://bit.ly/2Ui5jRr & https://bit.ly/3q3ofyY #alternativearmies #flintloque #dwarf

Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 3

Returned to the World of Valon we present a pack of Villagers and expanded Orc Militia. Read in more detail on our blog or see these direct on the website. You can get packs or unit (with saving) or single poses. We will follow this with the new release for Flintloque later this week. Thanks. GBS https://bit.ly/35lydlK & https://bit.ly/3cGwOKM

Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 4

New in the HOT 15mm Fantasy range the latest Savage Lizardman release. The Behemoth! Taker of skulls and smasher of foes. Our sole release in this scale this month. Thanks. GBS https://bit.ly/3zfEywM & https://bit.ly/3pEOICI

Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 6 Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 7

Now in miniature for Renaissance wargaming we present Cesare Borgia on foot and mounted. Personality in 15mm scale. Great in any game system. Check out our huge range of miniatures. Thank you. GBS https://bit.ly/3gcMA0M

Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 8


Written by Steve Danes we present a free download for Furioso plus new images. Da Vinci and the Handbushen light gun for your games. Read on our blog and download. Our new release for 15mm Renaissance is upon the morrow. Thank you. GBS https://bit.ly/3g0iSND

Alternative Armies  Neuheiten 9

New Sengoku 15mm Japanese Fantasy releases by John Bell. Onmyoko magicians, Oni Princess, sleeping Kitsune, Demonic Samurai and lesser Oni. Now over 180 miniatures in the range; packs and singles. Go to the website for a gander. Thanks. GBS https://bit.ly/3pnZGw9

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