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Agema: Gallier Preview

Agema Miniatures widmen sich nach den Etruskern nun den Galliern. Erste Eindrücke teilt Agema auf Facebook.

Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 2 Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 3 Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 4 Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 1

Agema – Gallischer Häuptling auf Schild – Preview

Grand Project for 2021!
Hi All,
If 2020 was the year for my Etruscans, then I’m aiming to make 2021 the year for Gauls and all things Gallic / Celtic
Now Gauls / Celts are not a niche subject area in wargaming; many many ranges exist out there. But as always what I am trying to do is apply deep research (as far as is possible in the current circumstances) to bring figures that are a bit different / do not follow standard and well worn lines. The plan is to start with some more unusual and hopefully cool command sets, before moving into the more well-worn tribal infantry aspects.
Having said that, the first completed set by the ever hard working and talented Stavros is a Gallic Chieftain being carried on a shield. Now, as far as I can ascertain there are no direct historic references to a Gallic Chieftain being held aloft on a shield (there are some later references to Roman Emperors being born aloft when acclaimed Imperator) – however, I grew up reading Asterix books and as anyone who has ever read Asterix knows, Vitalstatistix (or Tonabricks in some editions) (Anmerkung: in der deutschen Version natürlich Majestix) always gets carried on his shield as a sign of rank. So from an early age I’ve always wanted a figure doing just that!
The Chief is holding a severed Roman head and declaring his challenge while his minions strain under the weight. Armour wise we’ve gone for Linothorax (a much under represented armour on Celts / Gauls I feel) and the Shield is an Aspis, taken from a Successor or Roman officer (whose head has also been looted!). The set is multi-part, so the Chief can be removed and used on his own if desired.
I hope you like him, and watch out for some more Gauls soon

Quelle: Agema Miniatures auf Facebook

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