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Agema: Gallier Preview

Agema Miniatures widmen sich nach den Etruskern nun den Galliern. Erste Eindrücke teilt Agema auf Facebook.

Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 2 Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 3 Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 4 Agema Gallischer Häuptling Auf Schild Preview 1

Agema – Gallischer Häuptling auf Schild – Preview

Grand Project for 2021!
Hi All,
If 2020 was the year for my Etruscans, then I’m aiming to make 2021 the year for Gauls and all things Gallic / Celtic
Now Gauls / Celts are not a niche subject area in wargaming; many many ranges exist out there. But as always what I am trying to do is apply deep research (as far as is possible in the current circumstances) to bring figures that are a bit different / do not follow standard and well worn lines. The plan is to start with some more unusual and hopefully cool command sets, before moving into the more well-worn tribal infantry aspects.
Having said that, the first completed set by the ever hard working and talented Stavros is a Gallic Chieftain being carried on a shield. Now, as far as I can ascertain there are no direct historic references to a Gallic Chieftain being held aloft on a shield (there are some later references to Roman Emperors being born aloft when acclaimed Imperator) – however, I grew up reading Asterix books and as anyone who has ever read Asterix knows, Vitalstatistix (or Tonabricks in some editions) (Anmerkung: in der deutschen Version natürlich Majestix) always gets carried on his shield as a sign of rank. So from an early age I’ve always wanted a figure doing just that!
The Chief is holding a severed Roman head and declaring his challenge while his minions strain under the weight. Armour wise we’ve gone for Linothorax (a much under represented armour on Celts / Gauls I feel) and the Shield is an Aspis, taken from a Successor or Roman officer (whose head has also been looted!). The set is multi-part, so the Chief can be removed and used on his own if desired.
I hope you like him, and watch out for some more Gauls soon

Quelle: Agema Miniatures auf Facebook

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  • Weniger Körperspannung geht kaum! Wie lustlos der das Schwert hebt… wenn das der Kampfgeist ist, mit dem man gegen die Römer gezogen ist, dann wundert mich die Niederlage nicht!

    • Ich find die Haltung eigentlich ziemlich gut, sieht für mich aus als würdeer sich konzentrieren sich auf dem wackeligen Schild zu halten…
      Ich gehe ja mal schwer davon aus, dass der nicht auf dem Schild in die Schlacht is.

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