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Traveller: RPG Starship Miniatures Kickstarter

2nd Dynasty hat einen neuen Kickstarter zur offiziellen TRAVELLER Lizenz am Start.


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2nd Dynasty – Traveller RPG Starship Miniatures

2ND Dynasty is now funding the Ideal first time 3D printing project for Starship fans: Official Traveller RPG Starship Miniatures have launched!

Each ship, based on the work of long time Traveller artist Ian Stead, has been lovingly rebuilt, detailed and prepared for 3D printing on your home 3D printer. We have tested on both FDM and resin type printers, and preoriented the parts for optimal printing, which is support free in almost all cases (turret barrels will often need supports).

2nd Dynasty has been making 3D-printable Starships, Miniatures and Terrain for five years. We have launched six highly successful crowdfunding campaigns, five of them right here on Kickstarter.

While we have focused on epic starships detailed inside and out at glorious 28mm (1:59) scale, we realise that these are massive projects that might seem daunting for 3D printing beginners. The starships are awesome, but require a lot of dedication to get tabletop ready.

By offering a series of ship miniatures, both at 1:270 scale (popularised by the X-Wing tabletop game) and tactical scale (sized to fit on a 1″ hex), we can present ships which each take less than a day to print (sometimes just hours) and can be used for visualising ship to ship combat for any sortie you can imagine – a great first time project for newcomers to the 3D printing world!

Although officially licensed from the Traveller Role Playing Game universe, the vast majority of ship designs are right at home alongside vessels from other universes, from galaxies far, far away, to the known worlds of the Starfinder society.

The star of this campaign is our brand new official Traveller Starship Miniatures. The initial release includes a total of 14 starships, seven each in two different scales. The ships, which featured most prominently in the Traveller5 Role-Playing Game are based on the works of Ian Stead and have been beautifully rendered in 3D printable form.

We have designed the starship miniatures to use two scales.

The first, 1:270 scale, was popularised by the X-Wing tabletop dogfighting game, and these versions of the ships are scaled to each other. They make for great display pieces, and while large on the table, are not so large as to be impractical.

The second scale is Tactical scale, which scales the ships down to fit on a 1 inch hex base stand. The miniatures are not in scale to each other, but these are of a practical size to be played on a one-inch hex map for tactical combat.

Traveller KS Ships 1 Traveller KS Ships 2 Traveller KS Ships 3Traveller Shios KS1 Traveller Shios KS2 Traveller Shios KS3

Pledge Level:

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Ende: Mon, November 22 2021 11:59 PM CET.

Stand: 30.000+ EUR (Ziel 4.500 EUR)

Backer: 400+

Link: KS Kampagne

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