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Zenitminiatures: Takkure Teriomorphs

Zenitminiatures zeigt Previews des geplanten Kickstarters für das Sci-Fi Rugby Spiel „Takkure“ – diesmal die Teriomorphs.

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Zenitminiatures – Takkure Kickstarter

We present you the second team that you will find in the Takkure box: Teriomorphs.
This is Chrome City number one team. The most successful and well-known team. You can find the faces of its players everywhere from the huge holograms that illuminate the city to your daily food package.
But don’t be fooled, behind the lights is a well-oiled marketing machine with the best possible implants, training, and equipment. All this to hide players with souls rotten by fame, money and the need to stay on the crest of a wave, something they will do at whatever cost.
Discover the stars of Chrome City, the champions of the Neon League.
The miniatures are made of metal with a high level of detail by Zenit Miniatures and sculpted by Fernando Lago Alonso and David Pereira.
Very soon you will see them painted!
Quelle: Zenitminiatures FB
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  • Die Miniaturen finde ich spannend und sind auch Mal wieder aus einem super Material. Aber Ballsportarten als Tabletop haben es eher schwierig. Neben Bloodbowl,Guild Ball hat es die Konkurrenz eher schwierig

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