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Warlord Gamers: Neuheiten

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405107402 40mmNimrodSPAAGun01 405107402 40mmNimrodSPAAGun02 405107402 40mmNimrodSPAAGun03 405107402 40mmNimrodSPAAGun04 405107402 40mmNimrodSPAAGun05 405107402 40mmNimrodSPAAGun06

Warlord Gamers – Bolt Action – 40M Nimrod SPAA Gun – 24,00 GBP

The Nimrod is a Hungarian self-propelled anti-aircraft gun based on the Swedish L-62 Anti II anti-aircraft gun. It was developed independently of the Swedish design, and utilised a new turret design. The chassis was an enlarged version of the Landsverk L-60 tank, which was produced under license in Hungary as the 38M Toldi. The Nimrod had a six-man crew, consisting of a commander, a driver, two loaders and two gunners.

Its primary armament was a 40mm Bofors gun, with a rate of fire of 120 rounds per minute. It could fire a wide array of shell types, from proximity and impact-fuzed rounds, as well as an anti-tank round that could penetrate 46mm of steel armour at 100 meters. Later in the war, Nimrod crews were issued with the 42M Kerngranate round, which was a rocket-propelled grenade that fitted over the cannon’s muzzle like a rifle-launched grenade.

A grand total of 135 Nimrods were built, attached to the 1st and 2nd Hungarian Armoured Divisions, along with the 1st Hungarian Cavalry Division. Six-vehicle batteries would accompany armoured and motorised battalions, operating in platoons of two vehicles. Originally, the Nimrod was intended for anti-tank duties, but its anaemic gun saw it quickly relegated to an anti-aircraft role.

405007402 Hungarian37MArtillery01 405007402 Hungarian37MArtillery02 405007402 Hungarian37MArtillery03

Warlord Gamers – Bolt Action – Hungarian 37M medium artillery – 18,00 GBP

Designed and built by Skoda, this howitzer was first fielded by the Austro-Hungarian army during the first world war. The 100mm gun proved to be particularly useful as an infantry support weapon, and over 6,500 would be procured by Austria-Hungary. It would remain in service with the Hungarian and Italian armies during WW2, with some seeing service with the German Wehrmacht.

Warlord Games Pike & Schotte1

Warlord Games – Pike & Schotte – Field Marshal Ake Henriksson Tott – 5,00 GBP

Orphaned at a young age, Ake Tott spent his youth duelling his fellow students at the university of Uppsalla, where he became better known for his skill with a sword than for his academic studies. At the age of fifteen, he left university to fight with the Swedes against Russia in the Ingrian War. After the war, he travelled around Europe, fighting as a mercenary for the Venetian Republic. Upon his return home, he became chamberlain to King Gustav Adolf, which led to his appointment as commander of the Finnish cavalry.

Tott excelled during the campaigns in Livonia and Prussia, but his hot-blooded nature often got him into trouble. At the battle of Grebin in 1627 Tott routed a much larger Polish force, earning him a knighthood, and the nickname of the Snow Plough, as he cleared the way for others to follow. When King Gustav invaded Germany, Ake Tott was in the Swedish vanguard as general of the cavalry (and later field marshal), leading the charge against Father Tilly and Pappenheim at Breitenfeld. He would go on to campaign in Pomerania, Mecklenburg and Saxony. After the death of Gustav at Lutzen, Tott would be part of the entourage that accompanied the King’s body back to Sweden.

Command Rating: 8

The Snowplough: All cavalry units in Tott’s battalia can be upgraded with the ‚Eager‘ special rule @ +3pts.

Warlord Games Pike & Schotte2

Warlord Games – Pike & Schotte – Ottavio Piccolomini -5,00 GBP

Embracing the Italian traditions of soldiering, Ottavio was schooled in the art of war in Florence, enlisting in the Spanish army as a pikeman at sixteen. A year later, he was given command of a cavalry regiment in Bohemia, dispatched by the Grand Duke of Tuscany to bolster the Holy Roman Emperor’s army. He fought with distinction under Count Bucquoy at the Battle of White Mountain. He would go on to serve alongside the Graf zu Pappenheim commanding his personal cuirassier regiment), and in Wallenstein’s personal bodyguard.

His talent for politicking stood him in good stead, allowing him to recover from multiple demotions and capture by the enemy. Ottavio would have five horses shot from under him at Lutzen, leading his cavalry regiment in several decisive charges. 19th century authors were so impressed by his pivotal role in the battle that they would falsely ascribe him command of the entire Imperial left wing during the battle.

Command Rating: 8

Son of Belial: Piccolomini’s brand of soldiering is cut from the same cloth as a 15th century Condottiero. All cavalry units in his battalia may take the ‚Marauders‘ special rule for +5pts.

Warlord Games Pike & Schotte3

Warlord Games – Pike & Schotte – Johann Georg I, Elector of Saxony -5,00 GBP

Johann Georg was born in Dresden in 1585, and developed a passion for hunting and drinking at an early age. He became Elector of Saxony in 1611 but had no interest in closer ties with the Protestant Union. Although a devout Lutheran, he had more time for the Protestant leaders than he had for the Catholic ones. In fact, Johann Georg had a reputation for being most disagreeable.

What he wanted was to remain neutral and left out of any upcoming trouble. He turned down the throne of Bohemia as he knew such a move would start unrest, and backed the Holy Roman Emperor against the Bohemian Revolt. Even rumours of Protestant purges in the German States failed to move him to action.

It was the action of Tilly’s Catholic League that finally forced his hand. Tilly marched into Saxony to prevent an alliance between Johann Georg and Gustav II of Sweden. The ransacking of Saxon towns by Catholic League soldiers actively drove Saxony into their Swedish alliance which defeated Tilly at Breitenfeld (although Johann Georg actually fled the field at one point). Johann then led the Saxon army to capture Prague, but the death of Gustav II at Lutzen gave him the excuse he needed to back out of the alliance and sue for peace with the Emperor.

A peace treaty was signed in 1635, when he promptly declared war on the Swedes, wanting them off his territory. He was to face them at Battle of Wittstock in 1636 but lost decisively. This action, coupled with Sweden’s withdrawal from the German States after Gustav’s death effectively ceased Saxony’s (and Johann’s) participation in the war. Johann Georg was to survive the Thirty Years War, spending the rest of his life rebuilding his broken country.

Command Rating: 8

Reluctant Ally: Johann Georg was not at all happy about being dragged into the war. Johann Georg’s Command Rating will be reduced by one every time he ‘Blunders’.

Lifeguard: One unit of cuirassiers can be upgraded to ‘Lifeguard’ gaining the Lance and Elite 4+ special rules @ +10 points.


Warlord Games Pike & Schotte4

Warlord Games – Pike & Schotte – Count Gustav Horn – 5,00 GBP

One of Gustavus Adolphus’s most gifted lieutenants, Count Gustav Horn fought with distinction for the Protestant cause before his capture brought a premature end to his military career. Born into Finnish nobility, Horn learned his military trade from the revolutionary strategist Mauriceof Nassau. His practical career began at the siege of Riga in 1621, before progressing to field combat operations in Estonia and Poland.

Gustavus Adolphus had a keen eye for talent and promoted Horn to Field Marshal and second-in-command for his invasion of northern Germany in 1630. Horn was initially very successful, defeating Tilly in a stunning battle at Breitenfeld in 1631 before attacking Upper Franconia and deep into Bavaria. When Gustavus was killed at Lützen, Horn became joint-commander of the Swedish armies, but his luck ran out at Nördlingen in August 1634 where he was captured. Eight years of captivity followed for Horn before he was exchanged. He returned successfully to the battlefield against Sweden’s perennial Danish enemies in 1644, then went on to a distinguished administrative career.

Command Rating: 8

Defender’s Bonus

Whenever Gustav Horn commands troops placed on the strategic or tactical defensive, his Command Rating increases to 9.

Warlord Games Pike & Schotte5

Warlord Games – Pike & Schotte – Gottfried Heinrich, Graf zu Pappenheim -5,00 GBP

Pappenheim was a Catholic League cavalry commander and later Imperial Field Marshal. Renowned for his bravery and recklessness, he was usually to be found at the head of his beloved Cuirassier regiment, the Pappenheimers. Pappenheim joined forces with Count Tilly to defeat the Danish army of Christian IV, after which he was made a Count.

He was part of the infamous Siege of Magdeburg where the Imperial troop’s excesses were roundly condemned. He really made his name against the Swedish armies of Gustav II and by the Battle of Lutzen he was a Field Marshal, having joined forces with Wallenstein. It was here that he was killed, at the head of a cavalry charge.

Command Rating: 8

Pappenheim’s Charge

Pappenheim’s trademark was a devastating cavalry charge, which was hard to control. All Cavalry units in Pappenheim’s Battalia gain the ‘Ferocious Charge’ special rule, and will always engage the enemy on a sweeping advance if they are able. In addition, one Cuirassier unit (‘The Pappenheimers’) gains the ‘Terrifying Charge’ special rule @ +5 points.

Warlord Games Pike & Schotte6

Warlord Games – Pike & Schotte – Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand -5,00 GBP

Almost all senior commanders in the Thirty Years War were of noble birth but few could claim a higher status than the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand of Spain. The King of Spain’s intention was to guide his son into a church career rather than one made on the battlefields of Europe, but fate and the necessities of war changed the Infante’s direction and he would become one of Spain’s most celebrated military commanders.

Ferdinand burst onto the military scene in 1634 when he joined his cousin, Ferdinand of Hungary, to crush the Swedes at the Battle of Nördlingen – until then, the Infante Ferdinand’s military record was patchy and uninspired. After the battle, Ferdinand took his Spanish troops to the Spanish Netherlands, the main strategic consideration of the Spanish during the Thirty Years War.

In 1635, Ferdinand led troops against the French, driving them back from the Dutch border in disarray. The following year, he trounced the French again, taking more towns and Luxembourg along the way. Events took an unfortunate turn for Ferdinand in 1637 when the Dutch Rebellion flared up again and the Prince of Orange captured the important fortress of Braga. The French too hit back and Ferdinand was forced to concede ground to them. Ferdinand was unable to retrieve his lost possessions and died of disease in 1641 aged just 32.

Command Rating: 8

Son of Spain

Ferdinand exuded Royalty, and his Spanish regiments competed to impress him. Any Spanish Foot units with 12″ of Ferdinand gain +1 Hand-to-Hand Value.

452410408 Konflikt47 Zeus X Hvyrailgun01 452410408 Konflikt47 Zeus X Hvyrailgun02 452410408 Konflikt47 Zeus X Hvyrailgun03 452410408 Konflikt47 Zeus X Hvyrailgun04

Warlord Games – Konflikt 47 – Zeus-X with heavy rail gun – 60,00 GBP

The Zeus panzermech was built to operate as a tank hunter in difficult terrain or to assist the Thor panzermechs in reaching their urban targets. Unsuited to the urban role, once the Thors were delivered to the target, the Zeus often protected the flanks of an assault, preventing enemy armour from cutting off the attacking forces’ lines of supply.

Whilst it’s main purpose is being support and protecting flanks, it is nearly just as capable as the Thor panzermechs to be on the front. But, putting Thor and Zeus panzermechs together would even make the earth tremble.

Now equipped with a heavy railgun, the formidable Zeus is even more deadly, able to take on the heaviest enemy tanks and walkers!

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In, Fantasywelt und Taschengelddieb erhältlich.

Quelle: Warlord Games

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