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Wargames Atlantic: Einherjar Previews

Wargames Atlantic haben in Fólkvangr und Valhalla Krieger eingesammelt und für ihre Sci Fi Reihe ausgestattet.

WA Einherjar1 WA Einherjar2 WA Einherjar3

A small unit of Einherjar surprise the lead elements of a Grognard assault team during a tri-final at the Union Cup.

Einherjar are on track for an August release and we will be showing off more of Matthew Leahy’s excellent painting this week.

WA Einherjar4

A closer look at some of the Einherjar with squad support weapons: flame thrower, grenade launcher, and plasma gun. These figures have been outfitted with the variant helmet type (there are enough in the box to outfit all of them with this helmet) and an NCO’s cap. Flame troopers usually shave their beards (for obvious reasons) but this veteran will have none of that. More tomorrow!
WA Einherjar5
Today’s Einherjar preview featuring two stout fellows with the standard rifle (a squat bullpup design) and the old (VERY OLD!) veteran who continues to stick with the tried and true weaponry of his youth 1500 years ago.

We will cheekily note that you can turn a good portion of the box into more fantasy-flavored dwarves if you so choose.

WA Einherjar6
Continuing this week’s previews of the Einherjar. Here we have an alternative color scheme without the fur collar for our scout (who previously appeared as Stabby McBackstabby), a young, beardless communications specialist, and a veteran trooper wielding a shotgun and with the face-shield helmet. All painting and photo by Matthew Leahy.
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