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Unreleased Miniatures: Neue Previews

Unreleased Miniatures zeigen weiter fleissig Previews auf Facebook.

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What we are particularly proud of in the Knechts set is that it can be assembled in an alternative way Today we present you the second method of assembling: Warriors of the Northern Realm!

Unreleased Prev03 Unreleased Prev04

There is no battle that can be won only with knights and knechts. The Order has one more formation – Sharpshooters.

These skilled marksmen use longbows with unparalleled skill. Similarly, as in the case of pikemen, it is a formation derived from the common people.

Knowing their effectiveness in combat, they are proud to be famous for making their enemies angry by showing them two fingers, thanks to which they can pose a lethal threat.

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Today we present you the model of the Lord Commander of the Order, its first version has several variants of the head and what he holds in his left hand

The Order of the Swan is a strictly hierarchical structure in which the command staff consists of the sons of the most wealthy and influential families in the Kingdom.

A person holding the highest position in the order must be an experienced fighter, a field commander with undeniable authority, and a skilful diplomat.

The Lord Commander of the Order cannot only be a good steward, his duties include leading the Order’s troops into the fields of particularly important wars, which cannot do without his abilities. That is why he appears among his troops from time to time to inspire by his mere presence.

Unreleased Prev16 Unreleased Prev17 Unreleased Prev18 Unreleased Prev19 Unreleased Prev20 Unreleased Prev21

Lord Commander feels comfortable conducting combat operations on the table during war councils, but his true passion is commanding heavy cavalry during charges. His faithful mount and a long, solid lance led the Order to victory more than once.

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