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TTCombat: Rumbleslam Nachschub

Drei neue Kämpfer betreten den Ring von Rumbleslam.

Maggie MaggieBackBackground MaggieBoardBack MaggieFrontBackground

Maggie – 6,00 GBP

A true artist in the ring, Maggie wows crowds world-wide with her flawless style. A true ambassador for Moote Carlo, Maggie always stands up and fights with pride for her home.

Of course, this pride is also sometimes her downfall, as Maggie has never been known to refuse any challenge. Even when baited by the fabled stable of the Towering Titans, Maggie rose to the occasion. In what has gone down in RUMBLESLAM history as „the most one-sided fight ever“, Maggie faced off against four giants on her own. Although it was a valiant effort, it was only ever going to go one way, and one the bell had rung those giants sorely regretted talking smack to a 3 foot tall, one-legged, part-dryad.
„Hey TTCombat, it’s been at least a week since you last released any Halflings, what’s wrong?“

We heard you, don’t worry. Maggie is here to save the day!

At first glance you’d think Maggie is an out and out brawler, with +1 to ATT, and a great Rope Ability (complete with Throw 1!). However, closer inspection puts her at more of an all-rounder. With 3S GRP and 5AP, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this Halfling! She’s tough, she’s fast, and her tree powers are pretty handy too. Vine Snare reduces the MP of all enemy wrestlers within 3 squares, and the Rooted ability means this Halfling cannot be lifted. A skill that she can also pass onto a friendly wrestler after a successful Crowd Pleaser!

Contains 1 resin miniature and 1 clear acrylic base. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

ElMecanico ElMechanicoBackBackground ElMechanicoFrontBackground MechanicoBoardBack

El Mecánico – 12,00 GBP

An elemental spirit summoned up from the Land of the Dead itself, El Mecánico was given one purpose, one skill, one desire: To WRESTLE. Or, to fix trains and change oil if no wrestling jobs are open.

Luckily enough though, there is always a wrestling job for the Orange Heartthrob! Always eager to protect his friend Manuel, El Mecánico will happily wrestle anyone and everyone… when he’s not busy tightening the ropes or taking a spanner to the spotlights and rigging that is.
This big ol‘ softy is smashing his way into the ring! El Mecánico is a super useful wrestler for any team!

With solid stats (particularly DEF and GRP), this is one demon you don’t want to mess with. Wait, why would you want to mess with any demon? Not relevant! El Mecánico has a bunch of powerful moves – so many that you won’t be able to decide which to use each turn! The Rubacava Muscle Buster has that all-important Lifted special rule, although hop in the Bone Wagon for a rope attack and get a free Crowd Pleaser (in which Manuel the dermatologically-challenged skeleton mixes a drink for your teammates). The choices are many on this super toolbox wrestler.

Contains 1 resin miniature and 1 clear acrylic base. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

AguaBoard2.1Back BellezaAgua BellezaAguaBackBackground BellezaAguaFrontBackground

Belleza Agua – 8,00 GBP

Forever mourning the loss of her family, Belleza Agua has taken to the RUMBLESLAM ring to process her grief (and potential guilt), with some good old fashioned face punching.

At one with the water, the Drowned Lady dazzles crowds with her magical abilities. The trail of water she brings with her is said to be from her unending tears. Cursing those who oppose her, Belleza Agua not only attempts to drown her opponents, but can disappear into the water only to reappear in a splash on the other side of the ring! If you’re in the crowd, make sure to bring a raincoat!
What a miniature! Is this one of the best in the whole range? We think so! She even comes with an optional, wafer-thin veil in case you’d like to further hide her away from the lights.

Belleza Agua is a little different to other Superstars. Instead of showboating to the crowd, she is more solemn. She also plays quite differently! With little in the way of outright attacking power, her use centres on powerful supporting abilities. Maladictión curses your opponents, and make sure if you’re on the opposing side not to leave Knocked Down wrestlers in the open, lest Agua try to drown them!

Contains 1 resin miniature and 1 clear acrylic base. Acrylic bases will have coloured film on that needs removing before assembly.

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  • Maggie ( Frida Kahlo )überzeugt auf ganzer Linie, tolle Idee.😃👍 Bellesa Aqua ist aber auch klasse. Vor allem finde ich den Paintjop ziemlich gelungen.

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