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Cyber-Forge: Dezember Patreon

Cyber-Forge, der SF & Cyberpunk Ableger von Titan Forge zeigt die Dezember Modelle ihres Patreons.

Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Calosc Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Turtle Parts Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Turtle Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Bases Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Heat Ced Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Marine Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Sergeant Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Marines Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Wiktus Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Macready Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Beverly Frye Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Lioness Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Tex Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Strahva Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Harnabi Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon King Johnny Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Batta Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Samiko Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Glacier Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Vee Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Patriot 77 Cyber Forge  Dezember Patreon Crocko Bo

Cyber-Forge –  Dezember Patreon

Hello everyone!

Just this month with have a big double release prepared for our Patrons! Don’t think twice. Join, download, and print it today! And watch out, as another bonus is coming to town later this month!

If you are already a Patron you can download all the files right now. The links are in the Patreon-only post!

All models in the release are 100% pre-supported to give you the best 3D printing experience and allow you to get right into action!

Inside you will find:

Cyberpunk Characters:
– Vee – the protagonist
– Glacier – the A.I. sports car
– Samiko – special forces cyborg
– Batta – mecha partner
– King Johnny – favela slumlord
– Patriot 77 – panoptical soldier
– Harnabi – police hacker and cyber-fit champion
– „Strahva“ – Slavic hitman
– Tex – bitter mercenary

Starship Characters
– Captain Taja Kriton-Sun – time-traveling ranger
– Beverly Frye – space engineer
– Crocko Bo – hungry space adventurer
– J.R. MacReady – cosmic gunslinger duelist
– Wiktus – insectoid navigator

Spaceship Model/Terrain
– Turtle Gunship
– Turtle Gunship Parts (engines, turrets, guns, seats, wall panels)

– H.E.A.T. Marine Sergeant
– H.E.A.T. Marines – melting squad
– H.E.A.T. CED – melting and grappling mech

– Spaceship Bases Set (29 elements)

Titan City runs on nanoprocessors. And the most important ones are not inside the machines. They are inside humans. The chip will tell you what to see, what to do, even who you are. The new generation is coming this December and for the first time in history, the implant is going to be obligatory. There is only one man that can stop the release. Or at least have it re-scheduled.

Meet Vee, he started as an idealist, programming chips for the city council. He turned very radical very quickly when he realized the evil capabilities of his employees. The only way to stop all the citizens from becoming cybernetically enslaved was to steal the code and start working on an override right away. He does it while driving around town without stopping and without sleeping in his car – Glacier – with the code uploaded to its memory. To make it harder, every city’s agent – either controlled by a chip or a payroll – is after them.

And the list of deadly threats at hand is long.

Samiko outlived the task force she was a part of due to being a 100% machine. She escaped decommissioning and her programming assigns her to neverending irrational missions. By her side is Batta, who was her human partner, and, after being critically injured, her 5%-human partner. This is enough, however, to preserve higher emotions. While in love with Samiko he follows her on her missions with no hope of reciprocation. Her missions can be not so random after all as she just received an order to execute Vee.

King Johnny is the leader of the favela gang operating around the entire Titan City, offering capoeira workshops as a front for its criminal activity. Finding the kid will be easy with eyes on every street.

Patriot 77 is a panoptic supersoldier that fought on the wrong side of the Lunar Wars. The only way to survive afterward was to get an unofficial asylum in Titan City in exchange for any favors the city asks.

Harnabi is the highest rank hacker in the TCPD. She is also #1 in the cyber-fit competition that combines the elements of cross fit and hacking. She claims that staying fit is crucial to have the mind operating on the highest level. Her department just received info from the top that there is a terrorist on the loose.

Strahva is a demon from the old Slavic folklore representing fear itself and the name of the assassin working with the slav mob in TC. The truth is ever scarier though, he is and always has been the city’s inside man.

Tex lived on the borderlands for all his life doing cruel and unspeakable things to the point nobody wanted to associate themselves with him. Turns out his particular set of skills was actually very desirable in the oh-so-civilized city.

In the last preview, Vee has been trying to save the citizens of Titan City from becoming enslaved by technology.  In return, he is man-hunted by every greedy, brain-washed, coerced, or oblivious asset the city can throw at him. The only choice was to hop in the Glacier with the code and never stop. Now that the fuel is low, the chances of survival are even lower. All hope lies in the Turtle.

The crew of the Turtle is proof that five wrongs can make a right. The ship was never officially registered and every crew-member was forced to live outside the system in their own way.

The Turtle Starship is a piece of terrain prepared for every space adventure. Including outside elements (turrets, guns, pulse engines), and a  lot of room inside for seats, in-wall consoles, and your miniatures!

Captain Taja came from nowhere, at least nowhere here. A long time ago in a world far far away, she was trying to recover star-shaped jewels that belonged to her family. They were at arm’s length when she got pulled by an anti-theft portal that sent her among the actual stars. Stranded and scared she was found by the previous crew of the Turtle.

If you are interested in Taja’s legacy you can find the fantasy version of Taja miniature at our friends‘ ‚The Dragon Trapper Lodge‘ Patreon this month! More info coming soon!

Wiktus was one of the last rational thinkers on his religion-driven planet, where everyone believed that the whole world is going to soon get eaten by a giant cosmic bird. Everyone left the planet on the mothership, leaving him behind. Of course, the bird did not come but the Turtle did and took him in. He proved to be a brilliant navigator but constantly wonders if he should contact the mothership and tell them that the planet is still there.

The Turtle design is not the most modern but every piece of equipment is over-clocked thanks to engineer Beverly Frye. Like a gardener talking to plants, she seems to have a way to communicate with the ship and know exactly how to tune it for the most dangerous adventures.

J. R. MacReady, on the other hand, does not even know that parsecs are a measure of distance, not time. What’s invaluable to the crew are his revolver skills. Gunslinger duels are a spectator sport here but the rule is that death in a duel is the only way to retire. After MacReady found out that his next high-noon duel will be rigged against him, he had no choice but to flee.

Finally, Croco Bo specializes in the most heavy-duty weaponry. When in the heat of the battle he can sometimes chomp off an enemy’s head but otherwise he is the most civilized crew-member. He spends his time between missions reading and figuring a plan to take down the perverse hierarchic structures that were the cause of the demise of his race.

It was not everyone’s first choice to be here but that’s how it is. With a little looting and quite some smuggling, they get by. They do not always live in perfect harmony, but there is one thing they hate more than each other. Authority.

A cloud of dust appeared on the Borderlands‘ horizon. – That’s Glacier, boys – said Taja – prepare to take off!

In the nearby Vault discovered in November two
H.E.A.T. marinesmelting squads assisted by H.E.A.T. CED just liquidized the gigantic steel door, when the call came. It was Ricksson. With orders to stop the fugitive that will be passing the outpost in a few moments at all cost. But everyone was too busy or too dead to answer. Looks like the city will have a much greater problem than a kid with a chip. Get ready for… Mutant Rebellion 2(159)!

Thank you for supporting the sci-fi made with passion! Join us on Discord or Facebook!

Happy Printing! CF Team

Link: Cyberforge Patreon

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  • Hier sieht man schön welches Problem Patreon im allgemeinen und Cyberforge aka Titanforge im speziellen haben.

    Masse statt Klasse nützt niemandem. Von diesem Monats release sind mehr als die hälfte recycled.

    Der CED ist ds gefüllt 50zigste mal mit dabei und die Humanoiden sind 0815 Austausch ware von der Stange.

    Das Auto ist ganz nett und das shuttle mit Abstrichen okay.
    Da die später viel mehr als die 12€ Patreon kosten, was auch ein nerviger Marketing Move von Titanforge ist, wird das ein schneller rein raus monat.
    Auch wenn ich mir im Kern wünschen würde das Titanforge eingeht und aufhört Patreon zu verseuchen.

    Durch diese Masse statt Klasse Aktionen machen sie das was cmon mit Brettspielen bei Kickstarter gemacht hat.

    Okay sie sind nicht die einzigen, aber mit die sichbarsten.
    Und es ist nicht so das ich der zweitklassigen mee2 Produkte Butze, die sie eigentlich immer noch sind, mal erfolgreich zu sein, aber es schadet der Idee und diese Entwertung durch die Verwertung heiße ich nicht gut.

  • Also ich mag die Cyberforge sachen, da sind zwar immer hier und da dinge dabei die waeren anders besser, aber fuer 7 USD plus steuer ist mir das relativ egal. Das ist soviel wie n Kaffee bei Starbucks.

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