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Titan Forge: Bloodfields Kickstarter

Von Titan Forge kommt ein Kickstarter für ein komplett 3D-gedrucktes Tabletop.

Welcome to the first tabletop skirmish wargame system that you can print entirely on your home 3D printer!

Back us today and download over 100 ready-to-print fantasy models! You will easily turn the pre-supported STL files into physical miniatures for all purposes you can imagine. 3D printing has never been more simple!

Bloodfields wargame will keep on living long after this Kickstarter campaign ends. Digital models, the universality of 3D printers, and the web app will allow Bloodfields to expand MONTHLY. To guarantee it, we will use our Patreon page. It will be a source of new models, rules, scenarios, and serve as a basic instrument for the community.

To make everything as simple as possible there are only two pledge levels.

 Starter Set! Pledge now and get:

  • All STL models from three starter warbands: Knights, Elves, and Orcs.
  • BLOODFIELDS rules, character cards, scenarios, and mobile app.
  • All STL models of terrain miniatures.
  • All STL models of accessories.
  • All unlocked stretch goals!

 Full Collection! Pledge now and get:

  • All the content from the Starter Set.
  • All 6 additional warbands: Dragon Empire, Demons, Dwarfs, Vampires, Amazons, and Ogres.

You can also create a custom pledge with just the warbands you prefer. For that, see the instructions in the add-on section.

Starter Set:

TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 1 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 2 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 3

All unlocked freebies will be added here.

TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 4 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 5 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 6 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 7 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 8 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 9

We are collecting your suggestions for the new Warband. It will be added as a freebie to every pledge if this SG is reached! Leave your ideas in the comments! Check the update for more info.

More SGs to be announced soon.

Add-ons gibt es auch:

You can easily build your own custom pledge with just the miniatures you want!

This is especially useful if you are our Patron and you already own some of the warbands from the Full Collection pledge. Will you scheme in the shadows with the Vampires or fight honorably in arms with the Dragon Empire? Check out the add-on options below and follow the instructions at the bottom to hire your personal army!

TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 10 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 11 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 12 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 13 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 14 TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 15

Infos zum Spiel selbst:

All known dimensions of the multi-realm branch out from one place. The Bloodfields. Their endless plateaus contain blueprints of all the things that can be. But they come at a cost. The grounds require a never-ending offering of blood spilled in battle.

The first beings born off the Bloodfields had to keep them satiated through gory festivals of violence. Many have died and many have become powerful beyond comprehension, thus becoming Gods.

The Gods have then created other realms. Filled them with magic and creatures of all kinds. But with one selfish purpose in mind. To ensure a never-ending stream of the most valuable resource – blood.

Every war, every disagreement, and even the smallest quarrel between Gods is therefore settled on the Bloodfields. And Gods always bring the greatest warriors from their realms to remain invincible!

This world is driven by conflict.

Bloodfields feature dynamic and simple yet engaging gameplay. To keep things action-packed each skirmish takes up to 60 minutes and features a team of chosen ones on each side.

To make every Bloodfields experience truly unique, there is a wide range of scenarios that enhance the gameplay. Each scenario has its individual rules, dedicated terrain, and surprising events. It’s up to you to prepare the winning strategy for each occasion, whether it is an endless siege or escorting a deranged mage.

Rules In-depth

Our goal was to create a simple system that allows players to get a hang of the rules and play at home almost immediately. Once we had the core working smoothly, we could build more advanced concepts. Those will allow expert wargamers to build interesting rosters and combos, especially with the add-on warbands and future warband extensions. Here are a few aspects that contribute to it:

1. The game is scenario-based. The most basic being, of course, the full-on clash with the last man standing. In more advanced scenarios you can expect castle sieges, stealing bloodcrystals,  defending the flagposts, and zone control. Many missions and quests await your heroes!

2. Before the game, you will create a roster. Every unit has a blood cost and each scenario a limit of how many you can use per team and per player. Each hero excels in a different area, you will have to decide if you need another tank, mage, or support!

3. Players activate one of their units alternately. Each time a unit can execute 2 actions. Move, Charge, Attack, Shoot, Use Abilities, or Cast Spells. Order in which you activate your units and execute actions will be the key to the winning strategy.

4. There are custom attack and defense dice. After the roll, you will be able to improve your results depending on your unit’s statistics. The combat mechanics are very intuitive. No math, just choices. You will see everything there is to know on your rolled dice!

5. Results of Charging, Casting Spells, and Morale are dependant on simple tests. The way you perform them is universal and they are based on your character statistics. No countless tables and tests, just straight to the action!

6. You will be allowed to measure all the distances between models at any time during the game. However, the movement length of your charging units will be randomized to some extent. You decide when to push your luck!

7. It’s up to you to decide which of your units will be reinforced each turn. At the beginning of a round, you will distribute the Inspiration Tokens. You can spend them to make your attacks and defense more effective or to activate powerful abilities in critical situations. Make sure to impact the battle in places where it is needed the most!

8. The game will last for the predetermined number of rounds or until the scenario goals are reached by one of the players. Throughout the game you will collect points, that will establish the winner!

Community Development

Our main goal after the Kickstarter is to engage you in the process of global testing and improving the Bloodfields. All backers will receive an invitation to the dedicated Facebook Group and Discord. We will ask for your feedback, battle reports, and suggestions. We will give out tasks and challenges to those who want to get more actively involved in the project. And we will make it worth your while! Want to receive more 3D models just for playing the game? This is for you!

Mobile App

The whole Bloodfields system will be fused into a Web App. It will serve the players as a mobile library of all characters, rules, and scenarios. You will be able to create, manage, and save rosters to combine your very own unbeatable squad!

All Bloodfields players will be connected to the same digital web app. This creates countless opportunities to expand the system by adding new rules, new characters, hotfixes, balance, and tweaks. All updates can be implemented instantly and made known to all players simultaneously. Get ready for a new generation gaming system that evolves and improves!

TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 16

The Bloodfields Web App will be enhanced not only with new content but also new features. Prepare yourself for a battle mode that keeps track of the game for you and the interactive scenario system that unfolds according to the events happening live on the battlefield!

TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 17

There’s more!

  •  Pre-supported Models. All released models are available in the free pre-supported version to make 3D printing the best possible experience. Plug & Print!
  •  Contests & Prizes. Each month we are holding a contest in which you can win Resin Bottles and an Anycubic Photon 3D Printer!
  •  Community. On our Discord Channel and FB Group, there are many enthusiasts that will share opinions and help you with problems. There is a lot of actually useful discussion and advice, plus cool people:)
  •  Free bonus content. We collaborate with other creators and companies what often results in more free content for our Patrons, like RPG campaigns with dedicated miniatures.
  •  Loyalty System. The longer you stay with us, the more big, exclusive, awesome models you receive to match your support!
  •  Your decision. Each month YOU decide on what collection we will be working next!


By backing this campaign you are guaranteed to receive the digital files of the Starter Set and add-ons a short while after the campaign ends. You will also receive the full rulebook and access to the application and community. Afterward, we will require about two weeks to finish all the freebies from the stretch goal as they will be based on the campaign’s progress and your suggestions. In the following time, you can expect updates to the Bloodfields app and the rules based on the feedback from the community. It will all come down to the premiere of the App 2.0 with new functionalities thanks to which the Bloodfields will be growing along with it.

If you will decide to get more into the Bloodfields, you will always be able to get more content from our Patreon or MyMiniFactory.

2 weeks after the campaign

  • You receive all the 3d models from the Starter Set featured in the campaign (miniatures, terrain) and add-ons.
  • You receive access to the Bloodfields app for your smartphone.
  • You receive an invite to a Bloodfields group on Facebook and Discord for your suggestions, discussion, and battle reports. We will give out tasks and challenges for the players who will want to get more actively involved with the project and make them worth their while. Want to get even more 3D models just for playing the game? This is for you!

1 month after the campaign

  • You receive all 3d models of files that were added in stretch goals that we started working on during the campaign.

4 months after the campaign

  • You receive an updated version of the app 2.0 that will feature all changes and improvements made in cooperation with the community.
  • We add the first new faction and characters to the app and keep expanding it . The 3D models will be available through MyMiniFactory or by joining our Patreon.

TF Titan Forge BLOODFIELDS Complete 3D Printable Wargame 18

Thank you for participating in our campaign. It means the world to us to be able to expand our artistic and gaming ideas through Kickstarter. Happy printing everyone!

Die Kampagne ist finanziert, sammelt Stretch Goals und läuft noch 24 Tage.

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