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Test of Honour: Sengoku Erweiterung

Die neue Erweiterung für Test of Honour kann vorbestellt werden.

Sengoku expansion book available for pre-order!

I’ve been planning and working on this book for what seems like ages, and it’s finally ready. An 80 page expansion for the Test of Honour game, packed with history and new rules that take the game to a whole new level!

Test Of Honour Sengoku 1

Test of Honour Sengoku is an expansion book for the game that focuses on the battles, alliances and betrayals of the different samurai clans of the Sengoku period.

In a Test of Honour Sengoku battle you’ll need to choose carefully which clan abilities to use and, crucially, who to ally with!

Expected to ship mid to late November, the book includes rules and historical accounts for twelve of the most famous Japanese clans of the time, plus a host of new scenarios, new weapons and other material.

Choose your Allegiance

The clans included are Hojo, Mori, Takeda, Uesugi, Saito, Yagyu, Oda, Honda, Toyotomi, Shimazu, Date and Tokugawa (and of course you are free to use the rules to ‚count as‘ any other clan you like).

Note there is still no restriction to what you can actually have in your force. When picking your clan you are just choosing your allegiance. While the ‚classic‘ clan force might consist of samurai and ashigaru, you could have a force of Ronin and Ninjas fighting for the Oda clan or a force of Onna Bugeisha and Sohei Monks loyal to the Shimazu clan.

You can also have an independent force of Ikko-ikki, Ronin, Bandits or Ninjas if you don’t want to pledge allegiance to one clan.

As with the main game, you are free to tell your own story!

Each clan has a range of abilities to choose from in a Test of Honour Sengoku battle and get access to their ally’s abilities too. I talked about this in detail last time, and I’ve compiled all the info about the book in a blog post here.

Test Of Honour Sengoku 2

20 New Scenarios

Each scenario in the book is inspired by the history or character of a particular clan (though they can be played by anybody).

For example ‚Cunning Ruse‘ is based on one of Oda Nobunaga’s early battles where he tricked the enemy with an ‚army‘ of straw dummies and flags.

‚Open the Gate‘ emulates the heroics of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who scaled a mountain to gain entry to an enemy castle and led a surprise raid, blowing up the gunpowder store and opening the gate for the main army to pour in.

‚Sudden Betrayal‘ starts at the moment when one side’s allies turn on their former friends, inspired by the devious deals of Ieyasu Tokugawa at the great battle of Sekigahara.

Test Of Honour Sengoku 3

New Weapons

There’s a selection of new armaments to give you some new options on the battlefield.

The ozutsu heavy musket gives you a Strength 5 missile weapon (new models for these incoming).

Ninjas get some extra choices with tiger claws for fast climbing and weighted chains to entangle the enemy.

A man catcher will help you control your opponents while a jitte can trap their blades. Perfect for clans trying to impose law and order on their territories.

Next there are three new arrow types that can replace the standard armour-piercing point – barbed arrows inflict vicious wounds, screaming arrows whistle through the air and spook the enemy, while fire arrows can make the foe flinch back from a defended position, not to mention setting things on fire (which I’ll come to in a minute…).

I’ve also included rules for cannons. Obviously these aren’t something a small warband would generally lug around, so they should only be used if both players agree or in a specially designed scenario. However I know some of you have cannon models so I thought it would be a fun addition!

Test Of Honour Sengoku 4


Setting buildings on fire opens up loads more interesting avenues for scenarios and tactics during games.

You can set a fire using fire arrows, flaming torches (both accessed with Trait cards) or using a Test of Wits if you’re inside the building. This will start placing fire markers, which may spread each time a Fate token is drawn or may be doused by the defenders.

A number of the new scenarios concern setting fires as the objective, but it is an option in any game if you’re feeling destructive! Unaware warriors move towards a fire, so this provides some new possible angles during a sneaky mission.

Test of Honour Sengoku is available to pre-order now and is expected to ship mid to late November.

View in the webstore.

Test Of Honour Sengoku 5

New Token Set

As I mentioned last time, a Test of Honour Sengoku battle requires two extra tokens added into the container along with the Action and Fate tokens. When you draw one of these ‚Clan tokens‘ you get to choose one of your clan proficiencies and activate its rules.

The crew at Sarissa Precision have created an MDF counter set that includes the needed Clan tokens alongside all the normal tokens and counters. This lovely set uses their new technology for printing in colour onto their laser-cut creations (replacing the plastic token set that they make) and has a real quality feel. Note that they’ve even cut out the centre of the objective markers to make them more like Japanese coins!

Die Tokens:

Test Of Honour Sengoku 6 Test Of Honour Sengoku 7 Test Of Honour Sengoku 8

Test of Honour & Sengoku Token Set – 15,00£

The perfect upgrade to the card tokens found in the Test of Honour gaming set, these colour-printed laser-cut MDF tokens bring a luxury feel to your battles. Included are 2 Clan tokens for use in Sengoku battles.

This set contains enough tokens for two players, including:

  • 14 Character Action tokens
  • 14 Follower Action tokens
  • 3 Fate tokens
  • 14 Blood counters
  • 11 Reload/Cautious tokens
  • 4 Lanterns
  • 5 Objective markers
  • 2 Clan tokens for Sengoku battles

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