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Studio Miniatures: Dead through time 2 Preview

Studio Miniatures planen einen weiteren Kickstarter mit Untoten.

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We will be going live with our next Kickstarter campaign on Friday 9th October. This campaign is to expand on the one we ran last year and will start with 28mm Imperial Roman Undead.
Each pack contains four miniatures along with a sprue of four heads and separate shield arms if appropriate OR three miniatures with a sprue of three heads and separate shield arms if appropriate for command packs. The left arms have a plug attached to the forearm which fits into a hole on the rear of the shields. The miniatures will have integral bases (similar to historical wargames miniatures) NOT slot/tab bases and will be produced in white metal.
Having the shield arms and heads separate will allow a certain level of customisation to your units, allowing a mix of weapons, shield designs and helmet designs/heads. The heads and arms are designed to fit any pack from that armies/period Undead where appropriate.
The separate heads have ball joints on the necks to allow a lot of possible positioning of the heads to give that undead/zombie look!
Ancient Gauls will be the first Stretch Goal army.
These will be ideal miniatures to use in Saga:Age of Magic, Mythic Gods or to even add a different element to Infamy, Infamy and Clash of Spears!

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  • Okay… Jeder und seine Großmutter hat ja schon die lebenden EIR im Programm. Jetzt könnte man ja annehmen, man bringt mal Römer aus den restlichen 1000 Jahren Geschichte des Imperium Romanum. Aber nööö… Lieber Untote EIR. Das braucht die Welt bestimmt! 🤦‍♂️

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