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Starship V: Kickstarter

2nd Dynasty starten ihren neuen Kickstarter – Starship V – Sleipnir – 3D Druckdateien für ein modulares Raumschiff im Stil von The Expanse.

2nd Dynasty returns with our most detailed ship yet! Switching it up, this time around we present our vertical ship of a harder sci-fi flavour and her dedicated crew.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir2

The Ship:

The Sleipnir is a vertical vessel built like a small building. Unlike our past ships, which are mostly science fantasy in nature, the Sleipnir is a hard science fiction design. It does not try to bend the laws of physics (well, with the exception of fuel source of course). Indeed, it relies on the acceleration of constant thrust while under way from it’s fusion torch engines to provide a semblance of gravity, but will experience periods of microgravity while the ship is not breaking or accelerating.

It features:

  • 28-mm scale highly detailed modular interior and exterior
  • 11 Decks of content, from the bridge to engineering
  • Easily disassembled and reassembled using an OpenLOCK peg system
  • Stacks onto your gaming table to create horizontal slices for play on each deck, creating a 3D deck plan of the interior.
  • Designed to use expansion tiles to increase the size, deck numbers or interior of the ship
  • Armed with 4 retractable, print-in-place functional point defence canons
  • Five engine configuration
  • Three points of entry – a crew airlock, cargo airlock, and engineering maintenance airlock.
  • Support for engine lighting and other internal lighting options.

We have an imgur gallery of our recent shoot with the ship if you want to see more of the exterior and set.


  •  Length at Scale: 49.5 m / 165 ft.
  •  Width and Breadth at Scale: 15.7 m / 52 ft. 6 in.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir3 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir4 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir5 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir6 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir7 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir8 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir9 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir10

The Crew:

Since Starship III, you guys have been demanding more crew miniatures. This time, we wanted to turn the miniatures up to 11. We have worked with two renowned Patreon sculptors, Papsikels and Cult of Pickle to bring you a new series of miniatures.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir11 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir12

We have five standard crew on offer. As the campaign progresses, we will unlock alternative poses and perhaps even brand new crew members of the Sleipnir, which has enough room for 11 crew members without hot bunking. Sculpted by Papsikels, with additional sculpts by the Cult of Pickle, our crew represents a mish-mash of Terrans, Martians and Spacers.

We have prepared an imgur gallery of the minis, all designed by Papsikels, printed by Proteus 3D Modelling, and painted by David Woods.

The Deck Designer:

We also present our deck planning software, Deck Designer. We are developing this software, currently in a closed beta with a demo, to help make building and customising ships both easier for ourselves and for our customers. Amongst other things, it features:

  • Load standard layouts for existing 2nd Dynasty ships and variants
  • Provide a print list for you to print off parts on your 3d printer
  • User can import additional parts and import them into
  • Supports importing other STLs from 3rd parties

The beta of Deck Designer (mostly functional) will go live to those who backed at Deck Designer Pledge Levels around the same time as the Sleipnir and miniatures go live.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir13


The various pledge levels are explained here below, along with a handy chart. Returning backers get a $10 bonus in the pledge manager towards a pledge upgrade, or add on.

Exclusive Add-Ons = Add-Ons exclusive to this campaign, which will be released as the campaign goes on. These Add-Ons will be worth over 700 SEK.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir14

Deck Designer: All related stretch goals will be baked into the final product

Crew Miniatures: Includes all miniatures-related stretch goals

Sleipnir Starship: Includes all ship-related stretch goals

Starship III Ships & Stretch Goals: Includes Shuttle Alpha, Transport Delta and Scout Ship Beta and their variants.

Starship IV Ships & Stretch Goals: Includes the Chimera and Pathfinder and all ship modules/variants and stretch goals.

Starship I & II Files and Stretch Goals: Includes all stretch goals, base sets, add-ons, and commissions from our first two Kickstarters.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir15

A bit cash-strapped at the moment, or just want to show your support? This will get you on the Pledge Manager on My Mini Factory if you want to pick up a pledge at Kickstarter value a few months down the line.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir16

Reserve your copy of the Deck Designer software and download the beta as soon as it is available. The more stretch goals that are unlocked, the better the software will be for everyone.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir17 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir18 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir19 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir20 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir21 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir22 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir23 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir24


Add-Ons are items that can be added to your pledge amount by increasing the pledge amount corresponding to the add-on. You will be able to add additional add-ons before the fulfilment phase of the post-campaign at My Mini Factory.

The All-In Pledge includes all Add-Ons listed under Exclusive Add-Ons, except for our Lighting Kit. The Lighting Kit is not a part of any pledge level, and must be added separately either by increasing your funds, or in the pledge manager on My Mini Factory, once the campaign is concluded.

Some stretch goals will release as new Starship Add-Ons, unique to this Kickstarter campaign (items that have not appeared previously in our Kickstarters). These are included in the All-In pledge and above, and the list below offers a hint to their contents! They will be unlocked as the campaign unfolds!

Exclusive Add-Ons:

Exclusive Add-Ons are previously unreleased add-ons premiering in Starship V. These are all included in the All-In, Fleet Commander 2020, and Collector V Pledge Levels, with the exception of the Lighting Kit.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir25 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir26 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir27 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir28 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir29 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir30 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir31 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir32

Stretch Goals:

This campaign we are doing something a little different. Never fear, we will be unlocking a ton of Sleipnir ship stretch goals, each increasing the value of your pledge by adding new optional parts and features, but this time, our featured ship is also sharing the spotlight with its Crew and our brand new Deck Designer.

Every other stretch goal will unlock a new Sleipnir stretch goal. Every goal in between will alternate unlocking a Crew stretch goal or Deck Designer stretch goal respectively.

You must have the Ship, Crew, or Deck Designer included in your pledge level to receive those associated stretch goals.

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir1 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir33 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir34 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir35 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir36 Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir37

As last time, we have teamed up with Ian from Dragon’s Rest to create an awesome Cross-Promotion! This time around, Ian is offering a completely free modular landing pad for your Sleipnir! Check it out below!

Kickstarter Starship V Sleipnir38


Ziel: 482 EUR

Stand: ca. 25.000 EUR

Ende: 4. Oktober 2020 22:00 CEST

Link: Starship V Sleipnir


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  • Nun, das ist fast eins zu eins die Rocinante, das Heldenschiff aus „The Expanse“. So sieht es ja gnz gut aus, aber ich wüsste echt nicht, wo ich so ein Riesending hinstellen sollte.

    • Ähnlichkeiten sind beabsichtigt. Der Arbeitstitel war „Nocinante“.

      2nd Dynasty hat einen Hang zum Gigantismus. Ich habe kürzlich Starship IV fertig gedruckt. Etwas unter einem Meter lang und 20cm hoch und breit. Kein Geländestück mehr, sondern eigenständiges Gelände.

      Starship III hat jedoch sehr brauchbare Elemente, und sind als Addon verfügbar.

  • Mich juckts da ja echt in den Fingern mitzumachen, nicht wegen des Riesenschiffs, sondern der ganzen Kleinteile, für die hätte ich echt Verwendung…
    Und STLs verstopfen keine Regale… da kann man sich raussuchen, was man ddrucken will…

  • Sorry wenn das jetzt etwas off-topic wird.

    Wozu brauch ich einen Kickstarter für STL Dateien? Was vorfinanziere ich da eigentlich?
    Oder gehts hier nicht mehr darum, sondern eher darum KS als bessere Vertriebs/Werbeplattform zu verwenden?

    • Im Rahmen vieler Kickstarter geht es wohl tatsächlich darum, die Plattform als Marketinginstrument zu nutzen.
      Allerdings auch darum, dass Zeit zur Verfügung steht um die Modelle überhaupt zu erstellen. Denn am Ende muss sich ja auch jemand hinsetzen und das ganze Zeug designen, überprüfen und in ein brauchbares Format bringen. Und in dieser Zeit fallen ja auch einige Kosten an. Kickstarter funktioniert in diesem Bereich oft sehr, so wie es gedacht war/ verstanden wird, nach einer Überprüfung von Bedarf wird etwas realisiert. Der Handwerker sieht, dass da zB 6 Monate an Geld bei rumkommen und kann entsprechend viel Zeit in die Dateien und die ganzen Erweiterungen stecken.

    • Jetzt etwas eigenwerbung aber auch zum verständnis:

      Ich habe gerade selbst einen Kickstarter laufen. Es geht dabei um einen Panzer.
      Ja die Daten sind vorhanden und eigentlich „Fertig“ aber ich möchte wissen ob mein Design stimmig ist und ob es sich fr mich noch rentiert ihn zu erweiteren. Also Ja es geht hier mehr um die Werbung. Man darf auch nicht unterschätzen was man an Geld verbrennt wenn man Testdrucke macht. 100€+ sind da keine Seltenheit.

      Falls es jetzt doch jemanden interresiert hier ist mein kleiner Panzer. Ich freue mich über JEDES Feedback und natürlich jeden pledge:


      und noch was, ich habe auch ein Fahrzeug gratis zum drucken. Auch hier freu ich mich sehr über feedback.

      vielen dank

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