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Standard Template Library: Armored Might Indiegogo

Bei Indiegogo werden STL-Dateien für Panzer eines fernen Jahrtausends finanziert.

Standard Template Library Armored Might 1

In the Beginning…

I found my love for building models when I got into model kits almost 30 years ago, and I’ve been engaged in the mini hobby in some form or another for the past 25+ years, mainly focusing on Tabletop Wargaming. Throughout my hobbyist career one thing has remained constant, my love for customization and converting. When Resin Printing became readily available I immediately jumped in. Soon after I was using my work related CAD skills for something useful 🙂

3D Printing your Modular Armored Might

This campaign will focus on bringing to life my vision of Sci-Fi Tanks of various sizes, and of course all Modular and with lots of options, allowing the avid Modeler or Wargamer to 3d print and field tanks with limitless configurations.

All tanks will be Printable in a Resin Printer with a print volume of at least 68x120x150mm, like an Anycubic Photon or Elegoo Mars. They’ll also be Magnet ready, using only 3x1mm and 5×2 Magnets for turrets weapons and hatches, as well as propulsion systems. To take customization a little further, there will be various options for some cosmetic glue-on parts.

The Ultimate Goal

I want to continue developing this line of models with new designs, and go one step further  and offer them outside the 3d Printing community. To that end, this campaign will help me gauge the interest in the design, concept and the potential for resin casting.

Standard Template Library Armored Might 2

What You Get

Digital Product: As soon as the campaign ends and funds have been cleared you will receive 3d Printable files, already cut and sized for Resin Printing in STL format. Please note No Physical models will be delivered. The STL Files provided are for personal use.  Please see Rules, Terms and Conditions at the bottom.

Core Set / Stretch goals: The Campaign will be split between a Core Set and Stretch Goals, unlocked by funding. All Backers will get the Core Set plus all unlocked Stretch Goals, described bellow.

Scale: The default scale of the Models is  32mm / 28mm Heroic.

Flexible Funding: This Campaign will run as Flexible Funding option, meaning any backers will get the Core Set Models at least. There is no risk of the campaign failing to gather funds.

Core Set

Multi Role Heavy Vehicle (MRHV)

  • Main Hull (Split in 2 for Printing)
  • Tracked Propulsion System Side Hulls (Split in 2 for Printing)
  • Grav Propulsion System Side Hulls (Split in 2 for Printing)
  • 2 Frontal Slot Options (Hatch or Fixed Turret with 3 Weapon Options)
  • 4 Hatch Variants
  • 2 Frontal Door Options (Plain/Reinforced)
  • 3 Exhaust Variants
  • 2 Main Side Door Options (Weapon Mount or Small Door)
  • 2 Access Side Door Option ( Large Door or Weapon Mount)
  • Heavy Sponson Turrets ( 2 Styles, 3 Weapon Options)
  • Light Sponson Turrets (2 Styles, 2 Weapon Options)
  • Modular Top/Turret Mount (3 Options)
  • Light Main Turret (2 Main Weapon Options and 2 Coaxial Options)
  • Heavy Main Turret (3 Weapon Options)
  • AAA Point Defense System (2 Options)
  • Fixed Frontal Turret and Heavy Sponson Turret Weapon Compatilibity (5 Weapon Options in total)
  • Commander’s Cupola Mounted Support Weapons (2 Weapon Options)
  • Blank Weapon Mounts for remixing your own Weapons (Unlimited Possibilities!!)

Examples of Builds

  • MRHV Prowler II Heavy Battle Tank/Assault Transport Configuration
  • MRHV Revenant Armored Personnel Carrier Configuration
  • MRHV Slayer Armored Fighting Vehicle Configuration

Standard Template Library Armored Might 3 Standard Template Library Armored Might 4 Standard Template Library Armored Might 5 Standard Template Library Armored Might 6 Standard Template Library Armored Might 7 Standard Template Library Armored Might 8

Stretch Goals

All backers will get the Core Set plus any of the following unlocked stretch goals:

High Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle – HMMV Branch unlocked at 3.000€

  • Common Aspects to all HMMV’s
    • Grav Propulsion System with 3 Grav Emitters Configurations
    • MRHV Heavy and Light Sponson Turret Compatibility
    • MRHV and HMMV Hatch Compatibility
    • Rear Access Ramp

   1 – 3.000€HMMV Variant 1 – Myrmidon TrV Configuration

  • Modular Top (Turret Mount or Top Cargo Hatch)
  • 5 New Heavy Sponson Turret Weapons

   2 – 3.000€ – HMMV Variant 2 – Wolverine FsAT Configuration

  • New Light Main Turret (3 Weapon Options)
  • 3 New Light Sponson Turret Weapons

   3 – 3.000€ – HMMV Propulsion System 2 – Wheeled Propulsion System

  • 6 Wheeled Configuration Propulsion System
  • Rear Wheels Cover Option


Armored Multipurpose Vehicle – AMV Branch unlocked at 3.000€

  • Common Aspects to all AMV’s
    • Tracked Propulsion System (2 Variant Side Doors/Mounts)
    • MRHV and HMMV Heavy and Light Sponson Turret Compatibility
    • MRHV and HMMV Hatch Compatibility
    • Rear Access Ramp
    • Spaced Armor

   4 – 3.000€ – AMV  Variant 1 – Morpheus APC Configuration

  • Top Cargo Hatch

   5 – 3.500€ – AMV Variant 2 – Striker IFV/Catapult MRL/Vulcan AAV Configuration

  • New Modular Top
  • 2 IFV Turret (1 Automated, 1 Manned)
    • Weapon Compatibility with Heavy Sponson Turrets
  • New Multiple Rocket Launcher Automated Turret (Optics or Radar Option)
    • Optics or Radar Option
  • New Anti Aircraft Turret
    • Triple or Quad Cannon Configurations
    • Optics or Radar Option

   6 – 3.000€ – AMV Variant 3 – Centurion MBT  Configuration

  • New Modular Top for Full Turret
  • New Main Turret
    • Weapon Compatibility with all previous Heavy Sponson Turrets
  • 2 New Light Sponson Weapons

7 – 3.000€ – AMV Variant 4 – Warlock SPAG Configuration

  • 2 New Front Hulls (Single or Double Weapon Mount)
  • 3 Weapons Options (Siege Gun has 2 Options for Gun Elevation)

   8 – 3.000€ – AMV Propulsion System 2 – Wheeled Propulsion System

  • 6 Wheeled Configuration Propulsion System
  • Rear Wheels Cover Option

  9 – 3.000€ – AMV Propulsion System 3 – Grav Propulsion System

  • New Grav Side Hull with Grav Emitters
  • Compatible with Hex Door and Sponson Turrets
  • New Spaced Armor to fit new Grave Side Hulls

Tiny Wars – Branch unlocked at 8.000€

   10 – 8.000€ – 6mm Resizing

  • Set of Vehicle Configurations resized and Merged for 6mm Printing
  • Vehicles will be Polled with options chosen by backers.
  • This Stretch goal will not be available at the end of the campaign. It will be delivered later in the year.

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  • Sicherheitshinweis:

    Bei dieser Kampagne handelt es sich um eine Flexible Goal Kampagne das Geld ist so oder soweg auch wenn die Kampagne ihr Finanzierungsziel nicht erreicht.

      • Ist aber nicht unüblich, ich hab erst letztens bei einer CD-Kampagne auf Indiegogo mitgemacht, die ebenfalls ein flexibles Finanzierungsziel hatte – und da ging es um eine gepresste CD und nicht „nur“ um Daten, die abgesehen von ARbeitszeit keine Produktionskosten haben.

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