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Raygun Raptors: STL Kickstarter läuft

Galactic Laser Raptors from Outer Space!

Klingt wie das neue Album von Gloryhammer, ist aber ein Kickstarter!

The Raygun Raptors are an original new race that you can introduce to your tabletop games. A force of ruthless shock troopers combining the predatory animal with high technology. Armed with sickle claws and razor sharp teeth, they are a threat to any opponent. And that’s before you add the guns – exotic energy weapons, laser blasters, or more conventional weapons like machine guns and grenade launchers. Clever girls indeed.

The scientific name for the species is Dromaeosaurid Astroraptor. But are they alien raiders? Genetically engineered super soldiers? Invaders from an alternate timeline, where the dinosaurs never became extinct? Or perhaps escapees from a bio-lab, where doomed scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. It’s your army – it’s up to you!

The aim of this project is to create a large collection of 3D printable miniatures ready for you to print at home on a 3D printer. Backers will receive the model files in STL format. Printed at their default scale, the miniatures stand between 27-33mm high, to the top of the head. Please note: no physical miniatures are available as rewards in this campaign.

The models have been designed to print well on both FDM and SLA/DLP machines. They have been tested on an Ultimaker 3, a Prusa Mini as well as the low price Monoprice Mini Delta. Details and features have been scaled keeping in mind the limitation of FDM printers and the typical 0.4mm nozzles. Supports will be required, but only the „over the build-plate“ kind, not on top of printed parts. This makes them easy to remove and ensures the best surface quality. Where necessary, models have been split up. Models that aren’t split-up are also provided, for use with SLA/DLP printers, or those hobbyists that want simpler assembly. Pre-supported versions will also be provided, with supports generated in Chitubox.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 1

The heads are separate from the bodies and poseable, meaning no two raptors ever have to be the same. Weapons are separate too, allowing you to choose each raptor’s load-out.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 2

So fire up your Photons and engage the Enders. Whatever you’re priniting on, the Raygun Raptors will soon be ready to conquer the galaxy.

Und darum geht es im Detail:

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 3

The rank and file of Raygun Raptor armies is made up of Troopers – light infantry who go into battle armed the versatile laser carbine. Some prefer the classics however, and may carry a shotgun instead.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 4

Ranger units are the fast moving vanguard of Raygun Raptor armies. They are armed with a variety of pistols and gauntlet mounted blades, making them deadly in close range combat.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 5

Specialist Gunners can be equipped with a wide range of weapons, ready to meet any challenge. Meanwhile Heavy Weapon Teams provide devastating fire from emplaced positions. There are two Specialist Gunner poses, and each can be armed with one of three different weapons, for a total of six. These can be magnetised. The Heavy Weapon Teams have a choice of five weapons. Three of these share the same tripod mount and so can also be magnetised.

The miniatures below are planned as stretch goals.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 6

Leading a Raygun Raptor strike force is a commander, often accompanied by a supporting unit, consisting of a radio operator, standard bearer and a medic.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 7

Not all Raygun Raptors embrace technology – some live much like their prehistoric ancestors. Not that this makes them any less dangerous. Many enemies realised too late that a sharp talon can be just as deadly as a laser cannon.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 8

The elite soldiers of the Raygun Raptors. Clad in heavy armour and carrying supercharged laser weapons, these dinos are both tougher and more deadly. The Stormtroopers unlock three new weapons, and can use other pistols and specialist weapons too, where applicable.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 9

The Stormtroopers get their own up-armoured and up-gunned version of the command squad.


The set comes with a large number of weapons, with even more waiting to be unlocked via stretch goals. Some of the weapons can even be magnetised, allowing you to swap between them (3x1mm magnets required, not included).

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 10

Die Stretch Goal Einheiten wurden schon freigeschaltet:

There are a lot of extras planned as stretch goals, expanding the army in exciting ways. With all of them unlocked you will receive more than double the number of miniatures, compared to the core set! Here’s a summary:

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 12

All the stretch goals are now unlocked in just three days! But stay tuned – there are plans to add more.

Furthermore I will soon be making this trio of raptor mech pilots free to download, allowing you to model Raygun Raptors commanding SCAMP mechs.

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 13

Gedruckte Beispiele:

Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 14 Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 15 Raygun Raptors Kickstarter STL 16

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 25 Tage.

Quelle: Raygun Raptors: Army of 3D Printable Sci-Fi Miniatures


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