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Privateer Press: Neuheiten

Von Privateer Press kommen diverse neue Releases.

PiP Savage Swarm Monster Xixorax

Savage Swarm Monster: Xixorax – $26.99

The existence of the Savage Swarm has produced rampant speculation in fields as far apart as biology and theology. Preceded by the drone of a thousand-thousand buzzing wings, Xixorax emerges from craters in the earth to erupt as a force of urban destruction. Resembling a gigantic bipedal beetle, Xixorax shows none of the regard for the natural world or humanity that is demonstrated by the Terrasaurs and Empire of the Apes. Whether he has any intelligence or is motivated by any desire other than pure annihilation remains to be seen.

Xixorax is an Offensive monster that can be added to any Destroyers force. This juggernaut of insectile force rampages through the cities of mankind with no apparent goal other than rampant destruction. When he goes hyper, he uses his opponents as weapons, masterfully knocking down buildings by slamming or throwing opponents into them.

PiP Elemental Champions Monster Incinerus

Elemental Champions Monster: Incinerus – $23.99

Though his body is wreathed in flame, only good intentions fill Incinerus’ blazing heart. The Elemental Champions belong to a secret society of powerful mystics who can tap into the primal energies of the earth itself. By internalizing and harnessing these flows through his body, Incinerus grows to colossal proportions and becomes a self-contained inferno of righteousness, rendering to ash any who would imperil the innocent.

Incinerus is an offensive monster that can be added to any Protectors force. Made of the essence of fire, he casually steps through hazards to get to his foes. Any debris that isn’t a raging inferno bursts into flames with a snap of his fingers. When he goes hyper, his burning rage is so strong that rubble ignites as he approaches and the fireballs he hurls at enemies Explode, showering the area with holy flames.

PiP Subterran Units Mollock Brutes And Mollock Berserker

Subterran Units: Mollock Brutes and Mollock Berserker – $32.99

Among the Subterrans, the mollocks are a caste of battle-ready warriors noted for their ferocity and fearlessness. After being surgically equipped with prosthetic grinders and drills, the greater tyrants send mollocks to the surface to murder and destroy. Mollock brutes display a wider array of machined replacements geared toward melee confrontations.

Berserkers erupt from the ground to startle and flank foes and enter a frenzied trance-like state until no foes remain.

This blister pack provides the first Subterran Uprising unit reinforcements for Destroyers players. Mollock Brutes advance across human cities digging just below the surface, Cloaked from enemy eyes until they burst forth to take down their master’s target. Even more frightening than its common Mollock brothers, the Mollock Berserker shuns all subterfuge, intent on Berserking its way through as many enemies as possible before it falls to hails of cannon fire.


Mollock Brutes (3)
Elite Mollock Brute (1)
Mollock Berserker (1)

PiP Triton Units Steel Shell Crabs And Psi Eel

Triton Units: Steel Shell Crabs and Psi-Eel – $29.99

Following in the wake of the first great Triton beast to emerge from the ocean’s depths, these lesser creatures would still qualify as sea monsters if you found one washed up on the beach. steel shell crabs are so named because of their incredibly dense exoskeletons. In the first skirmishes between these mega crustaceans and G.U.A.R.D. forces, the crabs’ shells were virtually immune to all but the largest ordnance. Luckily, it was soon apparent that, like their larger counterparts, the steel shell crabs were more interested in fighting Earth’s invaders than anything native to the planet.

Slithering behind waves of crabs come the psi-eels. Human scientists have so far failed to capture a live specimen, so the full extent of their abilities is untested, but from battlefield readings it appears that they have mental capacities hitherto only seen in the extra-dimensional beasts assaulting the planet.

This blister pack provides the first Tritons unit reinforcements for Protectors players. Steel Sheel Crabs emerge from the ocean, Digging into to friendly territory in an attempt to save the planet from any who would seek to destroy it. Psi-Eels use their powerful Telekinesis abilities to stifle an invader’s best-laid plans.


Steel Shell Crabs (3)
Elite Steel Shell Crab (1)
Psi-Eel (1)

PiP Riot Quest Scythe

Scythe – $16.99

Few of the true Nyss people still exist in the Iron Kingdoms, and those who remain are able to for a reason: they are skilled and deadly hunters. And Scythe is the deadliest. Frosty on the outside, burning with vengeance in the middle, Scythe has a passion for peering deep into your soul and then penetrating it with an arrow fired from her mechanika long bow. With the unmatched range of her bow and unhindered by the most difficult terrain, you can run from Scythe, but you can’t hide. (Well, technically you can hide, but that just makes you a sitting target. Either way, you’re going to end up a kebab.)

Scythe is a Gunner Class Hero that boasts the longest base range of any weapon in Riot Quest. With a Speed of 5 and a Range of 5 on her Mecha-Bow, there is almost nowhere safe to hide in the Arena from Scythe. Thanks to her Pathfinder and Sniper abilities, Scythe ignores obstacles as she runs through the Arena and almost always lands her shot.

When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Mercenaries Minion Nyss Solo that will work for Cygnar, Khador, Retribution, Circle, and Trollbloods. Additionally. she is a Retribution Partisan.

PiP Riot Quest Doctor Stygius

Doctor Stygius – $17.99

An apple a day might keep the doctor away in the real world, but in a post-apocalyptic Iron Kingdoms, it’ll take some seriously heavy firepower to avoid a visit from Dr. Stygius! Suffer a wound while he’s on your crew, and this sinister Cephalyx has a suite of tools to stitch, saw, or scrape away your ails and keep you in the action. But if you’re looting for the other team, don’t forget your tinfoil hat or you may find Stygius psychically scrambling your cerebellum into a savory sauce!

Doctor Stygius is a Specialist Class Hero that brings a unique and powerful ability to any Crew he joins: Healing! In addition to lowering the cost of Riot Gear equipped to himself or to nearby Crew mates, the “good doctor” can also perform some quick surgery to heal damage his “friends” have sustained in the Arena. Stygius also has the power to melt the minds of his enemies from a respectable distance, possibly even disrupting the opponent’s flow of Action Die thanks to his Scramble ability.

When played in WARMACHINE & HORDES, this model is a Mercenary Cephalyx Solo and the first Warcaster attachment for Cephalyx Warcasters!

PiP Warmachine Legion Of Lost Souls

Legion of Lost Souls – $79.99

The Legion of Lost Souls is an ancient company of Morrowan mercenaries who long ago stood against a terrible darkness that threatened the whole of Cygnar. Though the company was slain to a man, tales of their valor lived on, and it was prophesized that in a time of great need, Morrow would call the Legion of Lost Souls back to service, and once more they would rise and take arms against those who would threaten their nation. With the arrival of the infernals, Morrow himself dispatched a holy archon to rouse the Legion from deathly sleep to march against those who would claim the souls of humanity for their own dark purposes.

PiP Warmachine Thamarite Advocate

Thamarite Advocate – $15.99

The Thamarite Advocates are peerless masters of the forbidden arts who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of the infernals and the protection of humanity. Once denizens of the shadows long-accustomed to serving their Dark Mistress in secret, the Advocates have put aside old differences and joined forces with those who once hunted them. They now take to the battlefield against the ravening hordes of the Outer Abyss, pairing their magic and fell curses with the steel, shot, and hallowed blessings of the Order of Illumination.

Quelle: Privateer Press


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  • Dieses Riot-Quest hätte mich eigentlich interessiert. Nur scheint es irgendwie in Zeiten von verschiedensten Arena-Skirmishern irgendwie zu spät auf den Markt gekommen zu sein. Da gibt es in Bezug auf Preis und Verfügbarkeit einfach zu viele Konkurrenten.

  • Dieses Riot Quest ist tatsächlich komplett an mir vorbei gegangen.

    Ach und da ja wieder Samstag ist und wir nachher wieder GW Preise bemängeln:

    WTF denken die sich bei den Skeletten? 😀
    Lagen deren 10er Einheiten sonst nicht bei 50$, oder schaue ich da einfach nicht mehr richtig hin?

    • Sind GW-Preise… ach neee, sind ja günstiger. Keine 30€ für ein Charktermodell. Von FW wollen er da besser lieber gar nicht sprechen…
      Aber abgesehen davon find ich die Preise für die Skeletteinheit auch etwas zu hoch.

      LG Ralf

      • Man kann vortrefflich GW für deren Preise kritisieren, aber 10er-Boxen mit qualitativ besseren Minis sind bisher „nur“ bei 40 bis 45 Euro angekommen (und damit viel zu teuer mittlerweile).
        PP steht noch abseits vom Abseits…

  • 80öcken? Für 10 Dudes mit 4 verschiedenen Posen? Hmmm, ja ne is klar. So wird das nichts mehr. Diese Gestaltung entspricht nicht mehr meinen Vorstellungen. Aber als Casual Spieler kann mir das wohl auch egal sein. Meine Meniten sind komplett und brauchen keine Verstärkung.

  • Man kann ja mittlerweile leicht den Eindruck gewinnen, dass Privateer Warmachine einfach auch nicht mehr verkaufen möchte.

  • Es sind hier halt auch einfach Figuren aus Resin und Zinn, die in den USA und UK von Hand gegossen werden. Und ja, es ist trotzdem verflucht teuer und man überlegt es sich 3mal, ob man es nun kaufen möchte. Aber wenigstens habe ich die Einheit damit vollständig. Für Units bei zB AoS, wenn wir schon den Vergleich mit GW haben, brauche ich halt öfter mal mehr als eine Box für eine Einheit.

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