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Privateer Press: Februar Neuheiten

Privateer Press haben bekannt gegeben welche Miniaturen im kommenden Februar veröffentlicht werden.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 1

Bumbles – Riot Quest Guard – 24,99$
There once was a bear named Bumbles. He loved to play, frolic, and tumble. He’d find new friends and protect their rear ends, without a single grumble.
Bumbles friends were the best. They armored his head, hands, and chest. When it was time to “play,” Bumbles would slay to appease his friends’ request.
When all their food was gone, Bumbles stopped following along. He wandered through snow, finding new friends to know, and with them he’d belong.
Yes, there once was bear named Bumbles. He loved to play, frolic, and….
TRADE POINTS: Bumbles is an adorable Guard Class Hero that is perhaps the sturdiest and most protective Guard in all of Riot Quest. Thanks to his “Awww” ability, enemies cannot roll more than one Action Die when attacking Bumbles or his nearby allies. With strong Defensive stats, a high Stamina, and the Snacking ability to regain health, Bumbles can be a real bear to remove from the Arena.
This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Trollblood solo.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 2

Kogan the Exile – Riot Quest Fighter – 14,99$
Kogan was a proud Tharn warrior who, like the rest of his tribe, managed to survive the apocalypse unscathed. While hunting in the wastes, Kogan had an unfortunate encounter with a large armored bear, which managed to tear his arm off before running away with it. It should have been the end of Kogan then and there, but as he lay bleeding out, he was discovered by another scavenger crew that took pity on him.
The crew nursed Kogan back to health while their mechanik built Kogan a new mechanikal arm out of scrap parts. Gracious for what they had done for him, Kogan spared the crew instead of bringing them back to his tribe as a meal. When Kogan returned, his tribe immediately spurned him for the metallic monstrosity that had replaced his natural arm.
They claimed he had defiled their tradition and god, and they cast him out. Exiled, Kogan now wanders the wastes as a lone survivor, but one who has had his eyes opened to the world around him. He isn’t trusting of many outsiders, but he is willing to give most a fair chance before deciding if they are a potential ally or his next meal.
TRADE POINTS: Kogan is a Fighter Class Hero with fierce melee attacks and the ability to reposition nearby models with his Toss Special Action. Additionally, if Kogan hits an enemy hard enough, he can send them flying right out of the Arena without having to knock them out, making him a great model for forcing enemies to drop important bounty tokens or destroy their expensive gear.
This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Minion solo with Partisan [Circle] that will work for Circle Orboros and Trollbloods.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 3

Lynda the Forgotten – Riot Quest Specialist – 14,99$
Lynda served her infernal masters for years in preparation for the coming apocalypse. They promised her power, and in return she helped rot civilization from within. When the time came, and the infernals took their great prize from humanity…they completely forgot about Lynda.
Alone and with nothing to show for all her hard work, Lynda immediately traveled to all the old ritual sites she knew of and stole every magic relic and talisman of power she could find. If the infernals weren’t going to keep up their end of the bargain, she’d just rob them blind of what was left.
The infernals, of course, do not care at all. Lynda now wanders the wastes, laden with satchels brimming with arcane items, trading and selling them as she needs to in order to survive. When she gets into trouble, she still knows a few infernal tricks to help keep her safe, but more often than not she’d rather talk her way out of a sticky situation with a few proffered trinkets.
TRADE POINTS: Lynda the Forgotten is a Specialist Class Hero that can help swing the dice odds in your favor and eventually equip models in your Crew for free. While her defensive and offensive stats are very low, Lynda can force dice rerolls for friendly and enemy models near her—at the cost of some of her own health. When Lynda is finally knocked out, she allows you to equip a model in your Crew for free immediately thanks to her Hoarder ability. For Crews looking to bring some high cost Riot Gear, Lynda is an excellent addition.
This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as an Infernal Solo.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 4

Ol’ Grim – Riot Quest Scout – 14,99$
No one is sure how or why Ol’ Grim exists. Pistol wraiths have long been a known threat from the old Nightmare Empire of Cryx, but a “rifle wraith,” which Ol’ Grim appears to be, shouldn’t even be possible. Yet despite this, he exists. Ol’ Grim seems to have been a widowmaker in life, if his incorporeal visage is any indication. This fact causes even more perplexities with regards to his origins.
All that the scavengers of the wastes know is that Ol’ Grim is a downright lethal nuisance. He appears without warning in the distance, shoots a few times at anything alive in his sights, then fades away into the ether. Certain scavenger crew bosses claim to know ways to lure Ol’ Grim to their side temporarily using old mementos and forbidden rituals, but none are willing to share their secrets just yet.
TRADE POINTS: Ol’ Grim is a Scout Class Hero with excellent mobility and long-ranged firepower. Thanks to his Apparition ability, which allows a player to place Ol’ Grim two spaces at the start of his turn, Ol’ Grim can jump out of tough spots before running off to take a shot at a faraway enemy or grabbing a treasure chest that seemed like it was just out of reach before.
This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as Cryx Khador solo, meaning he is usable in both Factions as a Faction model.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 5

Captain Karli – Riot Quest Gunner – 14,99$
Karli served proudly as a Cygnaran trencher for most of her youth, eventually earning the rank of captain through sheer grit and skill. She was present at some of the greatest battles in recent history, including the world-shaking battle of Henge Hold that led to the apocalypse. Karli is one of only a handful of survivors from that ill-fortuned event, and she bears the scars to prove it.
With no trencher corps left and no Cygnar to return to, Karli began to wander the wasteland looking for other survivors. While her gruff, no-nonsense attitude has scared away more than a few would-be rescuees, many others have stayed by her side for protection. Karli doesn’t know where she’s taking everyone or even what to do once they get “there”; all she knows is she going to do everything she can to keep what’s left of the world safe.
TRADE POINTS: Captain Karli is a Gunner Class Hero that packs a nasty ranged attack but also supports her Crew. Like all Gunners, Karli has the Aim ability and a solid ranged weapon with her Grenade Revolver. However, she has a new ability in Coordinated Fire, which increases the range of ranged weapons for other models in her Crew near her while also giving them the benefit of Aim. If you’re looking to run a ranged-heavy Crew, Karli is an invaluable member of the team.
This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Cygnar weapon attachment for the Cygnar Trencher Express Team.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 6

Stone Lord Guvul Godor – Riot Quest Fighter – 14,99$
Guvul Godor served as one of the leaders of the Rhulic parliament, the Moot, for decades. His dedication to the dwarven nation and its people was (and still is) unrivaled, as Guvul was one of the few members of the Moot willing to go to battle alongside his countrymen. When the apocalypse came, the Iron Kingdoms were devastated, as were many brave Rhulfolk who battled alongside the lowlanders.
Guvul does not view this widespread destruction with sorrow or hopelessness but instead sees an opportunity to continuing serving his people. When the smoke cleared, Guvul strode down the mountain in search of riches to bring back to his kin. He is determined to claim glory and fortune for the people of Rhul with every coin earned and looted, no matter the cost to himself.
TRADE POINTS: Stone Lord Guvul Godor is a Fighter Class Hero that is incredibly durable and hard hitting at the cost of being a bit slower than the average Hero. While Guvul is only Speed 3, he makes up for it with his High Density Armor and higher than average defensive stats. He’s hard to knock out, and opponents cannot easily force him back. Once Guvul is in range, his natural Rapid Strike ability allows him to make two attacks each turn, which, as a Fighter, allows him to benefit from Charge on both attacks and potentially knock out an enemy in a single turn.
This model is also playable in WARMACHINE & HORDES as a Mercenary command attachment for the Horgenhold Forge Guard unit.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 7

Death Archon – Mercenary Minion Archon – 39,99$
As the war between the infernals and the Archon-backed mortals of the Iron Kingdoms wages on, a new and strange entity has made its presence known: massive, hooded creatures born aloft on wings of bone and wielding fierce Iron Reapers, the Death Archons have come.
No one is sure where these creatures came from or who they answer to, if anyone. The first Death Archon manifested at the Battle of Henge Hold, rising from a mountain of fresh corpses upon which stood Barnabas, the Lord of Blood. This angel of death floated a few moments in front of the gatorman before giving a faceless nod and turning itself to the battle below. It immediately set itself upon a pair of Thamarite Archons and tore them in half before diving into the chaos of battle below.
The Death Archons seem to be attracted to carnage, care little for the souls of mortals, and have a strange distaste for other Archons. At any engagement in which they appear, a Death Archon will hunt down other Archons first before turning itself upon infernal forces in the battle.
TRADE POINTS: Death Archons are unlike other Archons in that they collect corpses and do not protect the souls of friendly models. Additionally, Death Archons have Animosity [other types of Archon] and Vendetta [other types of Archon], meaning they cannot be included in an army with non-Death Archons, and they are particularly good at destroying them.
The Death Archon can utilize corpses it collects to increase its own damage output, mobility, or to reduce the damage of enemy models near it. In combat, the Death Archon reaps entire swathes of enemy models with a pair of Range 3 Iron Reaper melee attacks, both of which have the Blood Reaper ability that allows them to hit every model in their melee range with each attack. This is all topped off by its Chain Attack: Death Chill, which means anything that survives the two swings of its Reapers will find itself stationary and waiting for death.
The Death Archon is a Mercenary Minion solo that works for the following Factions: Convergence, Crucible Guard, Cryx, Cygnar, Khador, Protectorate, Retribution, Circle Orboros, Legion of Everblight, Skorne, Trollbloods, and Grymkin.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 8

Aeternae – Retribution Heavy Myrmidon – 39,99$
The Aeternae myrmidon was manufactured by House Vyre at the behest of House Ellowuyr as compensation for an unknown agreement. Aeternae myrmidons feature some of the latest Vyre innovations in warjack weaponry. They wield a pair of Distortion Voulges, massive bladed weapons that cause their enemies to reverberate with arcane energy and be repelled with each successful blow.
Most notable is the Aeternae’s shoulder-mounted Shatter Cannon, an insidious gun that fires a steel sphere payload faster than the speed of sound. Within these steel spheres is a unique type of crystal found only deep in the earth beneath Ios. When agitated by extreme impacts, the crystals begin to expand at a marvelously fast rate—a single handful of crystals will expand as large an adult Iosan in just a matter of seconds. Any enemy the sphere doesn’t simply pass through will find this payload lodged in their innards just moments before the crystal package within expands violently.
TRADE POINTS: Aeternae warjacks are heavy-hitting Vyre-style warjacks with a powerful armor-piercing ranged attack. They work well with any warcaster in the Faction but in particular have good synergy with warcasters that can amplify the power of their Shatter Cannon, such as Lord Arcanist Ossyan.

Privateer Press Februar Neuheiten 9

Falcir, The Merciless – Retribution Warcaster – 19,99$
House Ellowuyr of Ios is known for a great many noble reasons, such as the quality of the soldiers they produce or their unique style of armor. Falcir herself is neither well known nor noble, but she is one the House’s most powerful assets. Those who know of her call her “The Merciless,” but these words do not do justice to the true nature of this warcaster. Falcir is House Ellowuyr’s executioner, and she is brutally exceptional at the task.
Falcir is no simple headsman. She is an executioner of individuals, ideals, organizations, and even armies, and she is called to duty when every hint of a threat must be removed or when a point must be made to the enemies of Ios. She does not accept surrender from foreign soldiers nor does she allow them to flee. To face her is to face one’s own meticulously planned and inevitable demise. Falcir calculates every angle of a conflict, every possible outcome, and ensures her forces have a plan to deal them swiftly.
When battle ensues, Falcir’s force of will manifests as strange symbols, “bounties” that hover over her foes, marking them for death. In no more than the blink of her eye, these symbols will shatter, unleashing all manner of arcane mayhem onto those marked, all as Falcir had planned.
TRADE POINTS: Falcir, The Merciless is a Retribution warcaster that brings a new style of gameplay both to Retribution and to WARMACHINE as a whole. Falcir herself is a melee powerhouse, best suited to fighting single hardier targets (such as Colossals or Gargantuans) on her own instead of wading into units of enemies She relies of her army to deal with the “chaff” of the opposing force but aids them not only through her spells but also with her unique bounty mechanic. At various points throughout the game, Falcir can place bounty tokens on enemy models and units, which can be spent by her army to provide a wide variety of effects, such as reducing an enemy unit’s accuracy or speed or increasing the damage dealt to the enemy by friendly Faction models. This bounty mechanic requires players to plan ahead, knowing not only which models/units need to have tokens placed on them but also to what effect they intend to use them later.
Quelle: Privateer Press

Seit 2010 im Hobby. Aktuelle Projekte: Herr der Ringe (Harad, Khand und Ostlinge), Saga Ära der Magie (Die Untoten Legionen), WarmaHordes (Crucible Guard, Söldner und Circle), Summoners (Erde), Konflikt 47 (Briten)

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  • Die Quali lässt weiter nach… echt nicht prickelnd.
    Mit der Gussquali bei PP hab ich ja schon länger zu kämpfen. Aber dass die Studiobemalungen jetzt so aussehen und auch so kartoffelig abgelichtet werden, ist echt schade.

    Gefühlt muss sich da im Laden sehr viel ändern, dass die wieder auf nen grünen Zweig kommen, und das obwohl sich jedes derer Systeme schön spielt!

  • Also Ich kann eigentlich nicht sagen, dass sie qualitativ bei den Minis schlechter da stehen als vorher.
    Die neuen Warcastermodelle sind besser gegossen als alles was Ich von PP jemals in der Hand hatte, als Ich noch WM/H gespielt habe.
    Aktuell wirkt WM/H und PP im allgemeinen in Deutschland allerdings wirklich relativ tot. Aber Mantic Spiele sieht man ja auch kaum. Das ändert aber nichts daran, dass sie finanziell gut da stehen können. Der deutsche Markt ist da aus meiner Sicht zu klein um ein repräsentatives Bild zu liefern.
    Bei Mantic verfolge Ich es mehr, deshalb kann Ich das nur wieder als Beispiel anfügen: Die verkaufen ihre Sachen weltweit so gut, dass sie jetzt mit KoW Armada ein eigenes Spiel ohne KS raus bringen. Davon gab es bei Mantic bisher nicht so viele. Ich sehe keinen Grund dass das bei PP anders sein sollte. Riot Quest und Monsterpocalypse scheinen über dem Teich ja auch gut zu laufen. Sieht man bei uns wegen der schlechten Verfügbarkeit aber nicht wirklich. Aber bloß weil etwas schlecht verfügbar ist, ist es ja nicht schlecht im Verkauf. Bestes Beispiel so ziemlich alle Star Wars X-Wing, Legion und Armada Produkte die meistens zum Release und beim ersten Reprint immer komplett vom Markt weg gekauft werden.

    • In Bezug auf die Qualität der Warcaster Modelle muss ich dir voll zustimmen. Die sind wirklich sehr gut gegossen.

      Ich denke das Hauptproblem von PP in Europa ist die schlechte Verfügbarkeit. Wenn sie das wieder in den Griff bekommen, dürfte man deren Sachen auch wieder häufiger sehen. Die Spiele selbst sind nämlich immer noch sehr gut.

      • Leider kann Ich über die Qualität der Spielsysteme gerade nichts sagen. Riot Quest und MonPoc habe ich ja nicht, bei WM/H bin Ich kein Teil der Zielgruppe mehr und bei Warcaster fehlt mir noch ein Mitspieler. 😀
        Aber bei Warcaster bin Ich wieder Teil des Zielpublikums. 😀

      • Ich würde annehmen das das nicht besser wird und ab Januar eher schlechter…

  • Schlechte Sculpts, gepaart mit mittelmäßiger Bemalung und final sind sogar die Promobilder der Minis unscharf…

    • Doch spielt nur halt keiner mehr dank der toxischen Turnier Community mit ihrem albernen Gatekeeper gebaren, könnte man schreiben, würde aber nicht richtig sein.

      Das Spiel hat eher ein Hehne Ei Problem die Spieleranzahl ist durch PPs-Schuld und Sehler im Vertrieb stark gesunken, wodurch in einigen Regionen nur noch die Seltsamen Spieler übrigblieben. Und die kaufen ausser den Neuheiten für ihre Fraktion nix, rekrutieren aber nicht (aus verschiedenen Gründen) so das viele Läden auf „kann ich dir Bestellen“ umgestiegen sind.

      Das sorgt natürlich dafür das es keinen Relevanten Zuwachs an neuen Spielern gibt und aus „kann ich dir bestellen“ wurde „lohnt sich nicht mehr“ und naja deswegen ist es ziemlich erledigt.

      Nimmt man jetzt noch die Probleme von PP in der Verfügbarkeit hin zu die ab dem 1.1.21 noch schlimmer werden dürften kannst du dir sicher vorstellen warum man das Gefühl haben kann das Spiel existiert nicht mehr.

  • Die warcaster Modelle sind wirklich sehr gut!
    Ich hab nicht viel erwartet von PP, war aber extrem positiv überrascht von der Qualität.
    Also bitte weniger verallgemeinern Leute!

    • Wundert mich nicht. Fand deren Modelle überwiefend gut.

      Hattest du schon vorher PP-Erfahrung oder sind das deine ersten von denen? Oder genereller: ist das eine neue Erfahrung mit PP-Figuren für dich?

  • Ich würde mich freuen wieder was positives von PIP zu sehen. Ich finde das System in der Grundstruktur (MK2) weiterhin mit das Beste was ich kenne. Leider sehe ich in Deutschland für dieses System keine Zukunft.

    Die Bemalung der Modelle sieht wirklich grottig aus. Die Details weiterhin unscharf. Ich mag Circle und RoS sehr gerne. Die Modelle vom aussehen und vom Fluff her. Aber diese hier wirken lieblos auf mich. Thyron passte früher schon nicht so richtig. Der Falcir ist nicht besser. Schade ,(

  • wieso hat Lynda keinen Mund? vergessen zu malen? das ist doch Blödsinn, guckt keiner mehr hin wenn die ihre Fotos irgendwo hochladen? es gibt doch eine social media managerin.

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