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Perry Miniatures: Neuheiten

Perry Miniatures präsentieren ihre Neuheiten auf Facebook.

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 01 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 02 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 03 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 04 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 05 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 06 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 07 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 08 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 09 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 10 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten 11

And the two NEW Napoleonic ranges are….
1806 Prussians and 1806-09 Saxons!
These were going to be released together but we’re so busy at Perry Mins at the moment it was better to stagger it a bit. So today we’re releasing the first nine codes of Prussians, the Saxons a little latter, probably January.
1806 Prussians
The first batch are all musketeers and schützen; grenadiers to follow shortly. The Prussian Army of 1806 was a very colourful army in complete contrast to the later one. There were three cuff designs Brandenburg, Swedish and Round. The Round cuffs could easily be painted as Brandenburg. The Prussian musket was designed with a larger hole to the pan so was primed from the muzzle rather than the pan; hence you’ll notice the musket drill on some figures is a little different from other armies. The Saxons however, used the same design.
I’d like to thank Hans-Karl Weiss for all his help with research on both armies.
Grahame Black of GMB Designs has also kindly restarted work on the Saxon flags for the 1806-09 Army which should be available soon, keep an eye on his website!
These are all available on our website
Prussian Army 1806
28mm metal figures
Designed by Alan Perry
EP 1 Musketeer command standing (Brandenburg cuffs)
EP2 Musketeer firing line (Brandenburg cuffs)
EP 3 Musketeers standing to attention (Brandenburg cuffs)
EP 4 Schützen skirmishing (Brandenburg cuffs)
EP 5 Musketeer command marching (Swedish cuffs)
EP 6 Musketeers marching (Swedish cuffs)
EP 7 Schützen skirmishing (Swedish cuffs)
EP 8 Musketeer command marching (round cuffs, can be painted as Brandenburg)
EP 9 Musketeers marching (round cuffs, can be painted as Brandenburg)


Quelle: Perry Miniatures auf Facebook


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