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Nova Aetas: Renaissance Update

Der Nova Aetas: Renaissance Kickstarter bekommt zwei Erweiterungen.

Nova Aetas Renaissance Under Siege1 Nova Aetas Renaissance Under Siege2 Nova Aetas Renaissance Under Siege3

Nova Aetas – Renaissance – Under Siege

 Today we will present two new expansions for Nova Aetas Renaissance (now on Kickstarter!), Under Siege and Vesuvio!
Under Siege is born from the desire to visit Rome and learn about one of the darkest episodes in its history. It will include a new story consisting of 10 missions, new equipment to craft, 24 miniatures (a brand-new Hero among them) and introduces the mechanics of the allies!
Nova Aetas Renaissance Under Siege4 Nova Aetas Renaissance Under Siege5 Nova Aetas Renaissance Under Siege6

Nova Aetas – Renaissance – Vesuvio

Vesuvio, instead, is dedicated to the infamous king of the Cyclops! Our Heroes will have to investigate the surroundings of the Volcano to find traces of the mysterious Cult of the Forge, a band of possessed who is making ferocious attacks in the area! Vesuvio will include 10 new missions (completely revised from the original) with 4 different endings, new 3D scenic elements (such as the semi-destroyed houses of Pompeii or the Obelisk of the Forge), two new Map Tiles and 11 miniatures!

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