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League of Infamy: Produktionsupdate

Mantic Games haben neue Infos zu ihrem League of Infamy Kickstarter veröffentlicht.

Salutations Scoundrels,

Firstly, hope you’re all safe and well. Here in the UK, the majority of Mantic staff are still working from home but we’re making good progress on the League of Infamy production schedule.

As of today (July 8th), we’ve finished all the layout on the core game and expansions. This was an absolutely huge task as there are hundreds of cards and tokens across the main game and expansions. You can see a couple of example rulebook pages below – oh, and don’t worry about those pink page numbers, they’ll get changed 🙂

MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 1 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 2

The rules are now being proof read and checked by Mantic and Needy Cat Games to make sure everything is spot on! Once we’re happy with everything, it’ll go to the factory ready to be printed. However, the good news is that, despite everyone working from home, we’re roughly on time with the design element of production.

That’s not the only news, we were also able to get some quick pictures of the pre-production prototypes sent in for checking by our manufacturing partner. These are made using the actual moulds that will be used for mass production in the Kickstarter.

The pre-production samples are an opportunity for us to spot any problems and get them smoothed out before production begins. So, if you spot something on the pictures below, it’s likely we’ve already reported it to the factory, ready for the final minis. For example, the bases were a little wobbly on these so the factory has already fixed them to make sure they stay nice and flat!

Sorry for the delay in getting the pictures to you all. The samples have been with a member of staff for checking but he was in Wales (quite a long way from Mantic HQ) during lockdown so we weren’t able to get pictures until he came back into the office this week.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures below. Apologies for the quality but we didn’t have the light box to hand.

MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 3 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 4 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 5 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 6 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 7 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 8 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 9 MG League Of Infamy Produktionsupdate 10

So, despite changes in how we’ve had to work due to COVID-19, we’re currently roughly on track with where we wanted to be with production. Once the files are sent over to the factory for production, we’ll hopefully get some sample cards and tokens through to look at next! Exciting stuff.

Mantic Games ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasywelt erhältlich.

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  • Ich freu ich schon darauf, wenn die Modelle regulär zu kaufen sind. Da sind echt viele schöne Sachen dabei. 🙂

  • Sehen richtig gut aus 🙂
    Wird man die halblinge und die wasserwesen auch für vanguard hernehmen können?

  • die minis sind echt schön und das spiel wird bestimmt spassig (howto-play bzw preview vids gibts auf youtube).
    -ick freu mir 😉

  • Die Dungeoncrawler von Mantic fand ich regeltechnisch bislang schwach. Aber die Minis sind immer besser geworden. Da kann man einiges für andere Spiele benutzen.

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