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Knights of Dice: Invictus Neuheiten

Die Würfelritter aus Australien veröffentlichen SF Gelände – in der Zukunft ist wohl mal wieder Gothic-Style angesagt…

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Knights of Dice – Invictus Neuheiten

You guys have been asking us for YEARS to do a range suitable for certain grimdark far future Gothic sci-fi games, and its finally sunk in after WAY too long (only took us 5 years haha)! We figured with the release of a certain market topping new edition to such a popular game, the time was right to finally get around to it! So we present to you today the first sub range in our new ‚Terminus Australis‘ line of kits ‚Inivctus‘!
NOT ONLY are we launching a brand new range, we are also launching a worldwide shipping special for September to celebrate our 5th anniversary and Viv’s wife Kim’s 40th birthday! Shipping rates worldwide for September will be as follows:
Spend between AUD$100-$199, shipping is $20, AUD$200-$299, shipping is $30, AUD$300-$399, shipping is $40, over AUD$400 shipping is free!
The Invictus range will suit all you fans of space faring, fully armoured, religious zealots or waves and waves of expendable Imperial human foot troopers! This initial release includes 13 brand new kits to allow you to build a base of forward operations themed around these armies.
The core of this new release is the Barracks buildings, with four different size variants. These look great scattered about your table, but where they really shine is when you combine them with add-on kits that change the profile and character of the base kits. There are four add-on kits available that change the way your barracks look, The Communications Tower, Command Tower, Oratory Platform and Comms Array. These kits are all designed to be temporary fixtures on your barracks kits, and simply sit atop them without the need to permanently glue them in place! The Barracks kits also work perfectly with the airlock kits from our Tabula Rasa range, and we think you can make and amazing looking base of operations by also picking up some of these.
There are also two ‚feature‘ buildings included in this release, the Stromcraft VTOL Pad and the Bastion Tower. These kits are both MASSIVE and are great centrepieces for your table. The Bastion is huge enough to hide your big stompy robot bois behind, and is very impressive in stature.
This release also includes some defence line kits so you can create lots of cover on your table. The Bastion Walls and Pillars go along with the Bastion Tower, and include slots for 4mm magnets so they can clip together (magnets not included). The walls also include an adaptor piece that allows it to blend into the slopping bottom of the tower perfectly. Last up is the Defence Barriers, which are useful pieces of scatter to add anywhere you need some cover!
We are super excited about this new release and hope you are too! Let us know what additions to this range you would like to see!
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