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Khurasan Miniatures: Light Support Flyer

Khurasan Miniatures zeigen ein preview des kommenden CSG VTOLs.

Khurasan CSG Light Support Flyer

Khurasan – CSG Light Support Flyer

CSG light close support flyer (LCS).
The Core Systems Ghulams (CSG), alien mercenaries extraordinaire, typically use armoured vehicles that are a bit smaller than those of other races, despite themselves being noticeably taller than humans, because they do not have a home world and live instead on a fleet of starships, the home world of their creators having been destroyed by the Antalian Devils thousands of years ago. However, as the LCS are stored in bays outside the main hulls of the CSG ships, they are exempt from these size restrictions and are actually rather large for their crew capacity.
The LCS has a chin pulse laser for anti personnel and gunship to gunship action, but their main armsment is made up of two fuselage-fixed particle beam weapons, making these light craft extremely powerful mech and other super heavy hunters.
The CSG are coming soon to Khurasan Miniatures — infantry, armour and this flyer too.

Quelle: Khurasan Miniatures auf Facebook

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