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Khurasan Miniatures: Neuheiten und Preview

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren Neuheiten und neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 01

We are very pleased to announce the general release of our 15mm heroic fantasy range, “Raumm, Earl of Hell”
The first two ranges, the Armoured Northmen wjth ensorcelled weapons and armour, and the brutes of the witch queen, are available now!

Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 02 Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 03

Raumm, Earl of Hell, commands thirty legions. The most powerful of these are the Demons of Raumm, seven feet tall, invincible in close combat. Their immortal demonic nature makes them impossible to kill but they can be cast out of our dimension, if only by supreme effort. Coming soon to our 15mm heroic fantasy range.

Khurasan Miniatures Preview Und Neuheiten 04

We are very pleased to release the first codes of our first 28mm historical range — the Late 12th century. Available now:
This is the period of the Third Crusade, the wars of Friederich Barbarossa in Italy, and of course ceaseless warfare elsewhere as well. The first codes are the basic building block of the armies of this period: milites (knights) in full chainmail without surcoats, with open faced helmets, bearing a lance and a shield often larger than the heater that became nearly universal in the 13th century. There were knights wearing surcoats, or the mantle of the miliary order, and/or face masks, but in this period they were still the exception rather than the rule. We will make these as follow up sets, as well as armoured or caparisoned horses, and infantry.


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  • Ah, die hochmittelalterlichen 28er kommen endlich… Das späte 12. Jh. hab ich ja bis jetzt nur in 15mm (LH), was so wohl nicht bleiben kann. 😀

  • Die historischen Ritter sind 28mm? Beim ersten Blick hatte ich auf 15mm getippt. Für 28mm finde ich sie ziemlich mäßig. Die 15mm chaoskrieger wissen aber zu gefallen.

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