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Infinity: Die Hard Dice

Corvus Belli haben eine neue Partnerschaft angekündigt.

CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 1

Corvus Belli S.L. and Die Hard Dice are pleased to announce their collaboration agreement for making them part of Corvus Belli’s partners family. The goal is to design and manufacture Infinity-compatible, high-quality metal dices. These dices are an official Corvus Belli product.

CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 2

The first 3 dice releasing will be on Dec. 4th (Tohaa, Yu Jing, and Combined Army metal dices).

For Corvus Belli, this agreement is excellent news. In the words of Inma Lage, from the Corvus Belli Marketing and Communication department, this action „is the perfect way to custom your Infinity the game experience“.

CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 3 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 4 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 5

Die, Hard Dice, creates exceptional quality dice for gamers around the world. Evaluating many potential styles, colors, and materials, Die Hard Dice puts only what they consider the best dice into their store. They understand how important dice are in adventures, which is why customer service is the heart of Die Hard Dice. Whether you’re playing RPGs or wargames, Die Hard Dice guarantees you’ll be rolling with the best.

For further information visit their website.

Die Website haben wir uns natürlich angeschaut und deshalb gibt es direkt auch die Preise:

CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 6 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 7 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 8 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 9 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 10 CB Infinity Die Hard Dice 11

  • Infinity d20 Set – Tohaa/Combined Army/Yu Jing – $59.75 $49.95
  • Infinity Single d20 – Tohaa/Combined Army/Yu Jing – $11.95

Quelle: Die Hard Dice


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