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Immortal Kings: Mechanized Army

Immortal Kings arbeiten an ihrer ersten großen Range.

Die Modelle werden entweder als digitaler Download oder als Modell angeboten (letzteres nur als Preorder):

When purchasing the digital download (printable files), you will be sent a link to download after checkout.  For answers to common questions around DIY 3D printing, please check our FAQ.

The Physical Boxed Set of miniatures includes 3D printed parts as shown in the product photos. Miniatures come unassembled and unpainted. Shipping costs depend on location and will be calculated at checkout.


IK Heavy Weapons Mech 1 IK Heavy Weapons Mech 2

Heavy Weapons Mech

  • Regular price $20.00 (digital)
  • Regular price $60.00

IK Tactical Drone Unit 1 IK Tactical Drone Unit 2

Tactical Drone Unit

  • Regular price $20.00 (digital)
  • Regular price $60.00

IK Guard Squad 1 IK Guard Squad 2

Guard Squad

  • Regular price $20.00 (digital)
  • Regular price $60.00

IK Lord Viper And Spider Tank 1 IK Lord Viper And Spider Tank 2 IK Lord Viper And Spider Tank 3

Lord Viper and Spider Tank

  • Regular price $20.00 (digital)
  • Regular price $60.00

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