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GW: Neuheitenvorschau 9. Edition

Kommenden Samstag startet Games Workshop die Vorbestellungsphase für die 9. Edition von Warhammer 40.000, mit der mächtigen Indomitus Box, dem Regelbuch, dem Chapter Approved 2020 und mehr.

Sunday Preview: Join the Crusade

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 1

Indomitus is nigh. On July 11th, the best Warhammer 40,000 boxed set EVER MADE goes on pre-order, kicking off a new era of incredible adventures in the 41st Millennium. Mark your calendar – this box is limited in stock, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.


Indomitus is a phenomenal set. The culmination of some of the best work our miniatures, rules, lore and art teams have ever made, this box takes everything that makes Warhammer 40,000 incredible and puts it in one place. Two huge collections of amazing, brand-new models are packaged with the full Core Book – everything a 40K hobbyist needs to hit the ground running in the new edition.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 2

Indomitus is limited, but, in expectation of high demand, we’ve made absolutely loads of boxes. As an additional measure to ensure that every faithful fan gets their copy, we’ve limited orders to 6 sets. So, if you want to have over 5,000 points of new Necrons on launch day, we’ve got your back, while also giving you a better chance at securing your set.

The Core Book

Warhammer 40,000 rulebooks are treasured tomes. They’re not just repositories of rules, but rich grimoires that players keep forever. We bet you still remember your first! The Core Book is your complete guide to the new edition, containing reams and reams of incredible lore and art that bring the Era Indomitus to life. Plus, it contains the rules – and we mean a LOT of rules. As well as the basic tenets required to play a game, you’ll find expansion content for open, matched and narrative play, along with tips and army showcases to help you get started. A version of the Core Book is included in the Indomitus boxed set, making this a great tome to pick up if you’re splitting the set with a friend!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 3

The Limited Edition Core Book

It’s not every day you launch a new edition of the world’s best sci-fi wargame. To celebrate the dawn of a new era for Warhammer 40,000, our team has produced a gorgeous limited edition featuring cloth binding, gilt edges and some truly stunning cover art. Strictly limited to only 2,000 copies, this is your way to commemorate this monumental moment in Warhammer history.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 4 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 5

Open War Cards

Open War Cards are the secret weapon for gamers who are hunting for awesome, fresh missions that’ll both challenge and delight. Draw up your cards, randomise your missions and ensure no game is ever the same with countless possible combinations!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 6 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 7

Chapter Approved

Chapter Approved, or to give it it’s glorious full title, “Warhammer 40,000 Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament 2020 Mission Pack and Munitorum Field Manual” is your gateway to awesome matched play games. We’ve re-engineered Chapter Approved this year to be purely about matched play, giving you a host of new content for Grand Tournaments, as well as new missions Incursion and Strike Force engagements. Additionally, Chapter Approved comes with the 2020 Munitorum Field Manual, a massive update that brings every army’s points into line with the new edition of the game.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 8

Crusade Journal

Every army tells a story – what will yours be? The Crusade Journal is designed to be the ideal companion to your journey through narrative play in the 41st Millennium. As you play Crusade games, your forces will grow, change and develop, and this journal will let you track them, making for both an invaluable reference book, and a permanent record of your games.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 9 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 10

Battlezone: Manufactorum – Battlefield

Get your table game-ready in minutes with these durable card battlefield tiles! Simply unfold and combine, and you’ve got an appropriately war-torn place to fight, particularly when combined with some scenery. This set is perfect for playing Combat Patrol or Incursion games, but grab two of them, and you’ll have a large enough play area for a 2000 point Strike Force game!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 11

Gaming Accessories

Also available at launch is a selection of essential gaming accessories – a combat gauge for those key mini-measurements, and a themed carrying case! These will only be available while stocks last, so make sure to grab them while you can.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 12 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 13

Your Phalanx Made Easy

Love the new Szarekhan Dynasty Necron colour scheme but don’t know how to replicate it yourself? Some superb new paints are entering the range next weekend, making getting your legion Battle Ready easy. From rich metallics to vibrant technicals, these paints aren’t just for Necron players but anyone looking to upgrade their collection. We’ll also be releasing a spray version of Runelord Brass later in the year – so keep an eye out for it!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 14 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 15 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 16 Games Workshop Sunday Preview Join The Crusade 17

Warhammer40.000 ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasywelt erhältlich.

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  • Ob Games Workshop mal für fünf Minuten einen Grafiker bezahlt, der das überstehende „R“ am Ende des neuen 40k Logos korrigiert? Oder es denen überhaupt mal aufgefallen ist? Ich meine, wie viele Instanzen haben sich wohl das Logo angesehen, bevor das durchgewunken wurde? XD

    • Ich behaupte, dass das Absicht ist. In der Symetrie hat man sich wohl am oberen Rand der Buchstaben orientiert, dann kommt bei diesen Buchstaben das dabei raus. Muss wohl eine bewusste Designentscheidung sein, bevorzugt gegenüber anderen Varianten.

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