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GW: Nachschub für Aeronautica Imperialis, Killteam und Mittelerde

Kommenden Samstag kommt Nachschub für das Luftkampfspiel Aeronautica Imperialism, mit einer neuen Grundbox, einem weiteren Kampagnenbuch und mehr Fliegern, sowie Kartendecks für Killteam und das Mittelerde Strategiespiel.

Sunday Preview – Skies of Fire

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 1

Welcome back! Grab a cuppa and settle in for your look into the next week in Warhammer! There are more pre-orders coming, including the highly-anticipated next wave for Aeronautica Imperialis. Fans of both Kill Team and the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game also have some handy gaming aids to look forward to.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Skies of Fire

This new starter set pits the T’au Air Caste’s advanced aircraft against pugnacious Imperial Navy and seconded Astra Militarum flyers.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 2

You’ll get absolutely everything you need to fly your first sorties, including a set of five aircraft for each side, a game mat and rulebook, dice, reference sheets, tokens and a transfer sheet. The T’au force includes three Barracudas and two Tiger Sharks, each with a wide array of weapon options. The Imperium’s forces consist of two Valkyrie Assault Carriers, which can alternatively be built as Vendettas, plus three Lightning Strike Fighters, one of which can be built as a Lightning Fighter.

The Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum craft are fully compatible with your existing collection, which makes this box a great choice for both new and current players.

Taros Air War Campaign Book

The T’au Empire took a sleepy Imperial mining world into its fold, and now the Imperium of Mankind wants it back. As the ground war grinds on, the T’au Air Caste attempts to fend off the Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum across engagements in the upper atmosphere, dangerously close to the surface, in rolling canyons and even deep underground!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 3

Learn all about the T’au Air Caste’s role in the rigid social fabric of the Empire and discover their sleek, high-tech aircraft. You’ll also gain insight into how seconded Astra Militarum planes operate in the overall hierarchy of the Imperial Navy. All of this is set against the backdrop of a vicious war between the vengeful Imperium and a haughty, entrenched T’au Empire.

Taros Air War is a packed campaign book that includes the full game rules, stats, rosters and upgrades for a host of new aircraft, plus special rules and scenarios that will thrill any fan of Aeronautica Imperialis. It’s a must-have reference for new players, or existing ones that want to mix up their games, and it will be available in both hardback and ePub editions.

Now let’s have a closer look at those planes!

Imperial Navy Lightning Fighters

Faster than the ubiquitous Thunderbolt and armed with powerful laser weapons, Lightning and Lightning Strike Fighters make excellent interceptors and escort aircraft.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 4

Lightning Fighters will soon be available to pre-order in boxes of six. We’ll take a closer look at them in an article later this week, so keep an eye out for that. And we’ll have another for these…

Astra Militarum Valkyrie Assault Carriers

The aircraft of the Astra Militarum have a very different role from the Imperial Navy proper, but in your games of Aeronautica Imperialis they open up new tactical options.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 5

With the ability to hover, alongside transport capacity and heavy firepower, they’re the ideal craft to land or rescue ground forces. You’ll be able to pre-order the new planes in boxes of four from this Saturday.

Build a mighty fleet of Astra Militarum aircraft, or add wings of fighters to bolster your Imperial Navy squadron!

Now what would the Imperial Navy be without a worthy foe?

T’au Air Caste Barracuda Fighters

Sleek. Deadly. Droney. The T’au Empire relies on Barracudas to form the backbone of their Air Caste’s forces.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 6

With versatile weapon hardpoints and drone bays, they can be tailored to take on a myriad of enemies effectively, and each includes a bay of missiles built right into the wings. You’ll be able to bulk up your squadron with boxes of six, giving you loads of options. And then there’s their big cousins…

T’au Air Caste Tiger Shark Fighter-Bombers

More of a missiler than a bomber, these larger and tougher ‘flying-wing’ aircraft sacrifice a bit of speed and manoeuvrability to mount more and stronger guns than Barracudas.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 7

Just like their smaller counterparts, they can be armed with a variety of tactical loadouts to trailer their battlefield role, including deadly Seeker Missiles! They’ll be available in boxes of two, including a range of weapon options. Now, don’t confuse the Tiger Shark AX-1-0-2, AX-1-0-3, or AX-1-0-4 with this next plane…

T’au Air Caste Tiger Shark AX-1-0 Fighter-Bombers

The heaviest of the new T’au Air Caste aircraft, these airborne assassins trade versatility for truly massive weapons.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 8

Kit them out with a monstrous pair of heavy rail cannons or heavy plasma accelerators. Both of these options add huge damage potential to your T’au Air Caste squadron, and you’ll get two to a box so you can try out both weapons. And where will these trials take place? How about over the…

Taros Area of Engagement Board

This pair of double-sided 19-by-18 hex boards are larger and sturdier than the mat that comes with Skies of Fire, allowing you to play bigger games without feeling cramped – sort of. More on that in a moment.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 9

One side depicts The Furnace, a T’au Empire military outpost in the mountains, including a space elevator that become the focus of fierce fighting. The other side features the awesome Grand Reservoir, a subterranean water purification system large enough that aircraft can engage in tense dogfights entirely underground.

Gaming Accessories

Looking for a way to show your dedication to the Greater Good? This set of T’au Air Caste Dice will do nicely.

Keep track of all the new aircraft, high-tech upgrades, weapon options, ground defences and ace pilots with the Aircraft and Aces – T’au Air Caste Cards.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 10 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 11

Of course, Imperial commanders will be able to pre-order their own Astra Militarum-themed Imperial Navy Taros Dice Set, complete with desert camo.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 12 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 13

A new campaign book and starter set means there’s plenty of material to fill a deck of Aircraft and Aces – Astra Militarum and Imperial Navy Cards. These new items are fully compatible with your existing Imperial Navy collection, so you’ll want to pick up a deck if you’re adding any of the new goodies.

We’ll have loads more to say about all these awesome Aeronautica Imperialis releases throughout the week, so check back often!

Kill Team Cards and Dice Set

Fans of skirmish warfare on the 41st Millennium will be eager to order this handy set of fillable cards and themed dice this coming Saturday!

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 14

Not only do you get enough blank cards to keep track of your Leader, specialists, and other warriors, but you also get a cool box to store them in. That same box has room for the black and orange dice, so you can roll up in style.

Talking of cards…

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game™ Card Packs

This coming weekend sees the release of card packs to help you stay organised and smooth out your games. There’s one each for Isengard and Moria, the Free Peoples, and Elves and Dwarves.

Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 15 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 16 Games Workshop Sunday Preview – Skies Of Fire 17

All of them include blank profile cards for your own heroes, cards to remind you of your army bonuses, and reference cards for the heroes and warriors of various factions. These packs make it easier than ever to quickly find the information you need during your games, so you can pay attention to the action!

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  • Wenn bei AI dann mal Eldar oder Dark Eldar Flieger kommen könnte ich schwach werden. Die Frage ist, ob sich das Spiel so lange hält.

  • Ich wollte mir das neue Aeronautica Starterset ja eigentlich unbesehen holen. Aber nach der letzten Preisrunde von GW und dem gestrigen Schock betreffend die Preise der neuen AdMech Releases werde ich hier wirklich erst abwarten, was der Spaß kostet, bevor ich mir das Set kaufe…

    • Die Einzelboxen von AI sind zwar alle teurer geworden, aber das Starterset ist gleich geblieben.
      Die Preiserhöhung war auch maginal, 1€ für die günstigeren und 2,50€ für die teureren Boxen. Man könnte meinen das solle nur symbolische Wirkung haben… xD
      Will sagen; die Boxen hier werden das gleiche kosten.

      Kurz zur eigendlichen Nachricht:
      – AI Modelle sind toll und die zweite Welle macht n guten Eindruck.
      – Das KT Würfel/Karten Set ist… *hämisches Lachen*

  • Nachdem AI ja größer als epic sein dürfte könnten die Tiger Sharks ja nette Manta Proxen sein 🙂

    • Es ist derselbe Maßstab. Macht ja auch Sinn. So kann GW Stück für Stück das Fundament für ein neues Epic legen, ohne direkt All-In zu gehen.

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