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GW: Lumineth, Space Marines und mehr

Kommenden Samstag kommt die zweite Welle für die Lumineth Realm-lords, es gibt zwei weitere Space Marine Action Figuren von Bandai, außerdem gibt es ein exklusives Catachaner Modell.

The Will of the Mountain

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 1

This week sees the Lumineth Realm-lords bolstered by the final release of heavy hitters, the latest issue of White Dwarf and a pair of heroes for your Gondor army.

The Lumineth Realm-lords are Ready to March

With this final wave of releases, these stone-cold aelves are prepared to take on the Mortal Realms in an avalanche of magic and martial might. Let’s start with the cavalry previously available in the Army Set – the Vanari Dawnriders.

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 2

These lance-wielding equestrians are packed with options to add variety so you can feel free to add them to your collection with no fear of two units looking the same. That’s good because you’ll want loads of them – not only do they look amazing, they add a lot of tactical flexibility to your army too.

Looking for something to hold the line? Available for the first time are the bull-headed, hammer-wielding Alarith Stoneguard (and their fancy hats)!

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 3

These aelves hit like an avalanche – more heavily armed and armoured than their Vanari kin, the stalwart Stoneguard’s resolve is as firm as the mountain. Waves of lesser warriors will dash themselves to pieces against their defences.

Speaking of big hammers…

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 4

The Alarith are the bound spirits of the sacred mountains, animating armoured war forms that are as much beautiful shrines as they are weapons. They wield gargantuan hammers and tower over their foes, emboldening their allies to ever greater acts of valour.

This kit also builds Avelenor, the Stoneheart King.

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 5

The oldest, wisest, and most powerful of the Alarith, Avelenor lends his counsel and his strength to the Lumineth Realm-lords. Every self-respecting Hyshian general will want him in the centre of their ranks as he smashes foes with his Firestealer Hammers and blinds the enemy with his divine radiance.

If you’re looking for a bit more magical support, the Alarith Stonemage joins the fray this week.

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 6

Armed with ancient magic that grants them mastery over rocks and boulders, as well as gravity itself, these mages offer powerful options to your army. Not only are they able to suppress the movement of their enemies, but Stonemages can also empower the hammers of nearby Stoneguard with even more crushing force.

These releases complete the initial Lumineth Realm-lords range and round out their tactical toolbox. Keep an eye out for a closer look at them throughout the week, including a series of videos to show you how to paint them up in all their gleaming glory!

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 7

Want to display your hobby dedication with something a bit bigger and more Space Marine-y? Take a look at these new action figures from our partners at Bandai.

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 8 Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 9

Built to the same exacting specifications as the recent Ultramarines Primaris Intercessor, these fully articulated action figures represent two new Chapters. The Imperial Fists, clad in their proud yellow livery, and the flame-embellished Salamanders stand by to protect humanity – and your display shelves – from all the horrors of the galaxy.

Check back later this week to learn how to get your armoured gauntlets on them.

White Dwarf

The latest issue of White Dwarf is nearly upon us, and all 160 pages are packed with amazing hobby goodness.

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 10

This issue focuses on the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, including design notes from the creators that can’t be found anywhere else, a massive Battle Report from the Edge of Silence campaign, and an Index Astartes for the Silver Templars! We’ll give you a peek later on, but suffice to say you’ll probably want to plan on picking up a copy.

Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game

Have you been looking to add some stealthy stalkers to your Gondor army? This new pair of Ranger heroes will ensure their effectiveness.

Games Workshop The Will Of The Mountain 11

You’ll be able to pre-order these Forge World resin Rangers this coming Friday to lead your warriors of Ithilien. Each of them enhances the soldiers under their command, as well as adding their own considerable skill to the combat.

Visit Your Local Warhammer Store

Games Workshop Visit Your Local Warhammer Store 1

Catachan’s toughest sergeant! Available at every Warhammer store from 12th September. Read on for more…

Sergeant ‘Ripper’ Jackson is about to be released in Warhammer stores around the world! This glorious special edition model caused a real stir when we unveiled it a few months back. Initially,* Sergeant Jackson was intended to be exclusive to new Warhammer store openings. Well, the thing is, at some point throughout this year, almost every single Warhammer store has closed and reopened – so we figured we’d just go ahead and make it available at all of them!

For those of you who haven’t visited your local Warhammer store in a while, it might look a little different inside. All Warhammer stores have been made safe by following all local guidance and best practice. Definitely much safer than the death worlds Sergeant ‘Ripper’ Jackson normally hangs out on!

And don’t worry, you won’t need to rush down to your local Warhammer store on a given day, Sergeant Jackson will be available for 9 days (including 2 weekends) – from the 12th to the 20th of September. What’s more, we’ll guarantee you one – if the store runs out of stock they’ll order one in, just for you.

Aaaand…. If you don’t live near a Warhammer store, we’ve still got you covered. Plans are afoot to get the Sergeant on games-workshop.com soon so that, no matter where you are in the world, you can snag one.

To recap:

  • Get Sergeant ‘Ripper’ Jackson, only in Warhammer stores from the 12th to the 20th of September
  • Coming soon after to games-workshop.com
  • She’s clearly a badass!

Games Workshop Visit Your Local Warhammer Store 3

* Remember, all that time ago? Back then it seemed like it was nothing but spikers, stranglevine and Catachan brainleafs…

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Quelle: Games Workshop


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  • Die Ripper ist echt ganz nett!
    Dass sie sie nun allgemein verfügbar, sogar nachbestellbar und wohl auch online erhältlich machen wollen, ist mal ein positiver Schritt statt künstlicher Verknappung.

    Einzige Furcht: welcher Preis? Zweistellig mit ner 1 vorne wäre drin, drüber würde ich straucheln, mit ner 3 vorn würde ich à la Känguru den Zeigefinger vor der Schläfe kreisen und sagen „in-ear wireless headset“…

      • Mir ist 25 schon zuviel … bei den meisten anderen Herstellern zahlt man für ne Einzelfigur so zwischen 10 und 20 Euro.
        Ja die Mini ist sehr schick, aber da ich kein 40k spiele kann ich sie dank des übertriebenen Bolter kaum gür was anderes gebrauchen.
        Vin dann wohl eher raus.

  • Warum zur Hölle haben sie aus den Hochelfen Kühe gemacht? Die sehen aus wie diese Texas Cadillacs mit Hörnen am Kühlergrill. Und grazile Elfen mit fetten Hau-den-Lukas-Hämmern, sorry… nee, absolut daneben.

    • Ich kann mich auch nicht an den neuen Style gewöhnen. Das mag an der Bemalung liegen, aber für mich sieht es bei den Hammerschwingern immer so aus, als sei der Kuhkopf der eigentliche Kopf und alles darunter nur ein endlos langer merkwürdiger Hals. Das die Hämmer dann auch noch wirken wie Xylophon Schlägel, gibt dem Ganzen dann den Rest.

    • Das ist einer der vier Elementar Tempel. Die Anhänger des Alarith Tempels (Berge) nutzen das Ymetrica Langhorn als Symbol da es für die Lumineth Standfestigkeit verkörpert.

      Der Wind Tempel hat wohl vermutlich ein Fuchs als Symbol. Was der Fluss und der Himmels Tempel haben wissen wir noch nicht.

      Zu dem Alarith Tempel gehören auch nur die Stoneguard, der Magier hier und die Mountain Spirits. Die Vanari (Bogenschützen, Reiter und Speerträger) haben das nicht.

      • Cool, danke für die Info. Ich ging immer davon aus, dass die Lumineth irgendwie griechisch inspiriertes Design haben und sie deshalb auf Minos und den Minotauros hienaus wollten.
        Gefällt mir ganz gut.

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