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Gripping Beast: Owen I, King of Strathclyde

Schon Mitte letzten Jahres angekündigt – jetzt auch kaufbar: Owen I, King of Strathclyde von Gripping Beast.

GB Owen 1 GB Owen 12

Gripping Beast – Owen I. – 12,0 GBP

This product contains two SHVA20 Owen I, King of Strathclyde miniatures – one mounted, one on foot.

Owen I ruled Strathclyde from around 925AD until his death in 937AD. At this time, Strathclyde owed allegiance to the Scots and it is possible that Owen was from a Scottish family. Under kings Edward I and Athelstan, Anglo-Saxon England began to seriously expand their influence and control over neighbouring kingdoms and, after the defeat of the Vikings of York in 927AD, Strathclyde swore allegiance to the English crown. Athelstan, suitably bolstered from defeating the Vikings, set his sights on Scotland and so Owen again sided with the Scots. Siding with the Scots and the Vikings of Dublin, Owen faced Athelstan at Brunanburgh. For the Scots and their allies, it was a disaster; for the English, a humungous victory. Owen was killed along with many other lesser Kings and Princes, Jarls and Hersir.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled. Includes Renedra plastic bases.

Sculpted by Angel Terol. Example painted by Ben MacIntyre, Brush Demon.

Brand: Gripping Beast

Code: SHVA20

Quelle: Gripping Beast bei Facebook

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  • zu Weihnachten ein set Waliser Würfel geschenkt bekommen.
    Das wäre natürlich die Gelegenheit Waliser/Strathclyde mit passendem Kriegsherrn zu beginnen.

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