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FW: Gundabad Fledermäuse

Forge World verstärkt die Streitkräfte des dunklen Herrschers mit den Gundabad War Bats.

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Gundabad War Bats – 37,04 Euro

Dwelling in the northern fortress of Gundabad, these bats have been bred solely for war. Flying ahead of Bolg’s army, the War Bats are the first of Bolg’s reinforcements to reach the Battle of the Five Armies. Razor-sharp talons pluck warriors from the field of battle, piercing armour and tearing flesh as they fling their prey to the ground.

Support your ground forces with the unprecedented mobility of Gundabad War Bats! These vicious creatures are not only swift, but pack a punch too, making them an especially dangerous threat to any vulnerable targets that are exposed, such as archers and war machine crew.

The set contains two resin miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 40mm Round Base. Their rules can be found in the Armies of the Hobbit™ book.

Quelle: Forge World


Der Brückenkopf existiert seit 2002 und bietet täglich News aus dem Tabletop Hobby.

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