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FW: Adeptus Titanicus – Crucible of Retribution Vorschau

Es gibt einen Ausblick auf die kommende Erweiterung, Crucible of Retribution, für Adeptus Titanicus von Forge World.

Coming Soon: Crucible of Retribution

You’ve survived the Titandeath, experienced the Doom of Molech, defended Ryza, and waged crusades of Shadow and Iron. Soon, you’ll have a new challenge in your games of Adeptus Titanicus: the Crucible of Retribution.

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 1

This narrative expansion explores the war for the Belt of Iron, a vast region dominated by dozens of Forge Worlds, each of them sworn to the Emperor, the Warmaster, or their own independent interests. As well as extensive background on the area and the battles to claim it, the book contains a host of rules. Don’t take our word for it – see for yourself.

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 2

Seven new Titan Legions each get a suite of Legio Traits, Stratagems, and Wargear, alongside a reprint of the Firebrands rules from Titandeath. Legio Tritonis offer something different, allied to neither the Imperium or the Traitors. Instead, they’re a secessionist Legio, making them an interesting choice for narrative players. They also have some handy rules, like this ability to swap mandatory Reaver Titans out of maniples and include Warlords instead – perfect for Princeps who enjoy maximum firepower!

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 3

Two new maniples allow you to organise your Titans in diverse ways. For example, there’s a light maniple that features up to five Warhound Titans and supporting banners of Cerastus Knights-Acheron, making a swift and deadly force that can get up in the enemy’s face and deal a lot of damage with flame weapons.

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 4

Knight Household players can choose from four new Houses, and all players can enjoy four narrative missions, recreating key clashes from the Cataclysm of Iron. These conflicts range from a small-scale Titan duel to a mass battle with Titans on the Traitor side and a force of Knights for the Loyalists – ideal for adding some variety to your games.

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 5

For even more ways to play, you can use the new Echoes of Glory rules. These give you loads of new missions to try – 15, in fact, set across three different types of world, each with their own special rules designed to reflect the environment they’re fought in. You can wage engine war in the nest of a terrifying death world beast, deep in the tunnels beneath a Forge World, or a war-torn section of a hive city, giving you even more places where you can shout “Engine Kill!” – probably with some nifty echoes in the tunnels.

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 6

We’ll have more previews of the rules in Crucible of Retribution soon. While you’re waiting, grab the Adeptus Titanicus Starter Set to begin preparing your war engines for brutal combat in the Belt of Iron.

Forge World Coming Soon Crucible Of Retribution 7

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Der Brückenkopf existiert seit 2002 und bietet täglich News aus dem Tabletop Hobby.

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  • Und noch ein Buch für Titanicus. Ich bin ja vor rund zwei Jahren groß in das System eingestiegen, aber ich hatte mir bereits das letzte Buch nicht mehr gekauft. Und auch hier gibt es halt wieder das übliche. Noch zwei weitere Titanenformationen und Sonderregeln für weitere Titanenlegionen und Ritterhäuser.

    • Sehe ich ähnlich, das Einzige was in diesem Buch für mich interessant wird, sind die neuen Missionsregeln.
      Anstatt von Büchern wäre es schön, wenn mal neue Titanen oder Waffenoptionen rauskommen würden.

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