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Footsore: Richard Löwenherz & Warring Clans

Von Footsore Miniatures gibt es zwei neue Miniaturen für Warring Clans und den König Richard I von England.

Footsore Richard The Lionheart, King Of England 1 Footsore Richard The Lionheart, King Of England 2

Richard the Lionheart, King of England – 13,50€

Born 8th September, 1157, Richard I was King of England from 1189 and until his death in April 1199. He also ruled not only Normandy, Aquitaine, Brittany and Gascony, but he was also the Lord of Cyprus and the Count of Poitiers, Anjou, Maine and Nantes.

A revered military leader and warrior, Richard’s martial prowess and bravery earned him the epithet Lionheart. Such was his dedication to warfare, in fact, that he spent most of his life on crusade, in captivity, or defending his lands in France.  A hero to his subjects, he remains an icon in both England and France.

Pack contains both a mounted and a foot version of Richard, shields and weapons are included.

The miniatures are made from white metal, supplied unpainted and may need some assembly.

Footsore Richard I Of England On Horse 1 Footsore Richard I Of England On Horse 2

Richard I of England on horse – 8,50€

Richard on horse is available on its own until the end of October 2020 for customers who already own the dismounted version.

Footsore Ishikawa Hanako & Nasumeido Kana

Ishikawa Hanako & Nāsumeido Kana – 6,50€

Ishikawa Hanako is the eldest daughter of Lord Ishikawa, a samurai descended from the one time Chinjufu-shōgun (Commander-in-chief of the defense of the North), Minamoto No Yoshiie. She has been trained to use the naginata by Nāsumeido Kana. A loyal retainer of the Ishikawa family who has nursemaided Hanako from birth, Kana will defend her to the death.

Pack contains both Ishikawa Hanako & Nāsumeido Kana.

White metal miniatures supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Weapons (if applicable) and 25mm MDF round bases supplied.

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