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Fleshcraft Studio: Vorgeist STL

Aus Dänemark kommt etwas gruseliges auf eure 3D Drucker zugeflogen.

Flesh Vorgeist1 Flesh Vorgeist2 Flesh Vorgeist3 Flesh Vorgeist4 Flesh Vorgeist5 Flesh Vorgeist6 Flesh Vorgeist7

Before the great rot, death was permanent. Unfortunately, death for those who were affected by the Soul Rot wasn’t the end.
The Soul Rot forced the soul to live on after the body gave up, condemning the soul to live forever in the state it left the body. These poor souls are known as Geists.
The Vorgeist is a terrifying force to be reckoned with. This Geist is born from souls that were sentenced to death by starvation, locked away in cages, coffins or whatever conventional way that was available, to avoid the disease from spreading.
The Vorgeist is damned to always feel hunger, never to feel the satisfaction of being sated, yet will forever attempt to achieve that state. Charging ferociously towards its victim for a taste, be it blood, flesh, or its soul, tearing it apart until nothing of the victim can be recognized as what it used to be.
Spotting a Vorgeist trying to consume its victim is nothing but a sign to run away because very soon, the Geist will realize it still hungers and will grow so ever more desperate to consume more. Searching for new prey.
Some of those fortunate enough to encounter this terrifying entity and lived to tell the tale have reported seeing them carrying around cages, coffins, or even a torture wheel with a corpse still attached to it on their backs. It is suspected that these Geists have chosen to carry around their old body, for reasons unknown.


The Vorgeist model is standing around 102mm tall on a 60mm customized base with back attachments.

The file contains the following:

1x Vorgeist model.

3x Back attachments:
1x Torturewheel with a corpse attached.
1x Cage with a corpse inside.
1x Coffin

1x Customized 60mm base.

Der Vorgeist kostet 15,00 USD.

Link: Fleshcraft Studio


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