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Firestorm Armada: Neue Previews

Warcradle haben neue Bilder zu Firestorm Armada vorgestellt.

WC Warcradle Firestorm Armada 1

Relthoza Battlestations are formidable bastions. Designed almost entirely for defence, they are constructed in strategic locations within easy reach of jump gates and support from the wider Unity. Heavily armoured and formidably armed, Relthoza Battle Stations are able to fend off attacks from all but the largest armadas.

Deep Space Communication Arrays are critical for the Unity. They not only allow data streams to be transmitted across vast interstellar distances but also act as sensory amplifiers, allowing the Unity to listen to the background song of the universe.

WC Warcradle Firestorm Armada 2

Outposts are deployed to ensure the security of the Unity’s territory is preserved, often established in orbit of planetary bodies or jump points. Reformer Fleets are the most frequent traffic to these far-flung structures, the lifeblood of supporting the Unity’s reach across the galaxy.

Often an Outpost will be paired with a Logistics Hub. These act as both trading posts for interaction with other species as well as processing facilities for the storage and distribution of resources.

WC Warcradle Firestorm Armada 3


Update 0.09 of the Firestorm Beta is now LIVE!


We’re back with our penultimate update this year. It’s been a great few months of feedback and the game is really starting to take shape.
  • This update sees improvements to Core Breach (they’re now super nasty!), increased bordering ranges and further refinements and clarifications.
  • Relthoza have also received an update!
IMPORTANT: Feedback must be given through the link below. Comments here are not taken into account as feedback. There are many more people taking part in the Beta than post on the Black Ocean so conversations here are only reflective of the experiences and opinions of people who post here. Really, the Black Ocean (and other forums) are excellent for constructive and friendly discussions. But to give feedback, post it into the portal please!
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  • Boa… das zieht sich.
    Aber bekanntlich will gut Ding ja weile haben.
    Die Relthoza Star Stations gefallen mir.
    Insgesammt bin ich von den „andersartigen“ Designs sehr angetan.

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