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Firelock Games: Weitere Kickstarter Preview

Firelock Games haben weitere Bilder nachgeschoben um die Möglichkeiten ihrer geplanten Plastikgussrahmen zu zeigen.

Firelock KS Prev01 Firelock KS Prev02 Firelock KS Prev03 Firelock KS Prev04 Firelock KS Prev05 Firelock KS Prev06 Firelock KS Prev07 Firelock KS Prev08 Firelock KS Prev09 Firelock KS Prev10

Another preview of the flexibility of our plastics kits coming in the Raise the Black Kickstarter on October 6th!
These troops where the backbone of European militaries. The 18th century brought about many new reforms that pushed the professionalism of these soldiers to new heights. The advent of the socket bayonet completely replaced the pike and resulted in the well rounded modern infantryman.
Learn more about the Kickstarter here: https://www.firelockgames.com/raise-the-black-kickstarter/
Blood & Plunder is a 28 mm historical miniature war game set in the golden age of piracy. you can view and buy the game here: https://www.firelockgames.com/bloodandplunder/
If you are interested in learning more about our games, check out our website and join our worldwide gamer group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BloodandPlunder/

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