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Dropzone/-fleet: Neue Previews

TTCombat zeigen in ihrem Adventskalender neue Modelle für ihr Drop-Universum.

Den Anfang macht der Behemoth der Scourge:

Saving the biggest things for the last week? That’s us!

It’s a Dropzone day in the advent calendar today, and… well, let’s not waste any time…

There’s a tentacled nasty making its way around the office, grabbing people from their desks and carrying them about. It’s… unpleasant for a while, but after they get back they seem happy, if very thirsty…

TTC Dropzone Scourge Behemoth 1

It’s a Scourge Behemoth!

We’ve had the Behemoths on the horizon for a little while, but we made the decision to push them back to get all the restocks done and some smaller new models made first. We’re getting close to restocks being finished, and will be pushing on with them again in the new year.

TTC Dropzone Scourge Behemoth 2

In the meantime, we thought it was high time to test out one of these massive new models (I can’t really call it a “miniature”).

This is the first 3D print of the Scourge Behemoth, carefully assembled by Fin. It’s pretty crazy looking, right?!

TTC Dropzone Scourge Behemoth 3

Bear in mind that this is still a WIP picture. Models this big take a long time to get ready for production, or even for making master moulds! This is a scale that Dave has never sculpted at before, and these will be some of the largest models we’ve ever produced, so there’s a lot of back and forth still to come to make sure everything is perfect. And that’s just tolerances and fitting – on something this big, the only way to properly inspect the details and the overall look of the model is by getting it stuck together!

Needless to say, we’re still a little way off releasing these huge models, although there will be plenty of other things to keep you all busy in the meantime.

TTC Dropzone Scourge Behemoth 4

What do you think? Excited by a massive, awesome looking model? Concerned for your UCM Legionnaires? These are the biggest models we’re likely to ever make for Dropzone, so yeah, those Legionnaires probably should be a little worried!

Auch bei Dropfleet gibt es Neuheiten:

Day 21 – Dropfleet players aren’t going to want to miss this one!

We’re on our third and final week, and it’s been quite the preview so far! For Dropfleet we’ve had new shooty space stations and the full rulebook for free.

So let’s round out the holiday period with some new ships.

We’ve recently focused on some smaller ships like Lighters, Monitors and Destroyers to add to your games, but it’s time to go big again!

With only 2 of each Battlecruiser available to each faction, don’t you think that size of ship deserves a bit of love?

Well if so, you’re in luck because next year we’ll be releasing brand new Battlecruisers!

TTC UCM Dropfleet Preview

Every faction is getting a new blister with 2 new Battlecruisers in each. And these are all kind of different!

You’ll notice some similarites throughout the range to some other classes of ship, such as this UCM one with triple prows, just like the Kiev.

TTC Scourge Dropfleet Preview

The new ones have been built around the familiar frame of the existing Battlecruisers, although each has had a major component redesigned to make them look very different indeed!

TTC PHR Dropfleet Preview

This one is like a giant Castor! The Battlecruisers were some of the oldest ships sculpted by Dave, so he’s used this experience to revisit the classic designs and bring in some of the new elements he’s introduced to each faction.

TTC Shaltari Dropfleet Preview

Weirdly the Shaltari one uses the same fins as the Ruby/Sapphire set, but replaces the core hull, making something that looks familiar but at the same time very different in profile!

TTC Resistance Dropfleet Preview

Not all Battlecruisers have to be aggressive either, like this Resistance one! We’re still in early rules stages at the moment, but I can say that this is a repair ship for on-the-fly fixing!

Oh, you thought we were going to show you all the designs of each? Sorry, nope! You’ll have to wait until next year to see all of those. Who says Dave is finished with them anyway?

UCM Command Cards

Also in Dropfleet news, the UCM Command Cards are back!

TTC UCM Command Cards

We ran out of these a short while back, and took the opportunity to update them to the new design.

We actually weren’t expecting delivery of them until the new year, but they got here early, so we thought we’d release them early. They’re in store now, although you almost certainly won’t get them until after Xmas if you order now!

TTCombat Produkte werden in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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  • Ich freu mich schon sehr auf die Behemoth aller Fraktionen. Den von der PHR kann man ja schon im Battle for Earth Buch sehen. Mega. Bin schon auf die von UCM und Resistance gespannt. Die Battlecruiser sind so la la. Also PHR gefällt mir mal gar nicht, schade, die spiel ich ja. Aber den Resistance BC find ich gut gelungen. Irgendwie könnte man in den Battlecruisern Lustlosigkeit sehen….. Diese Welle Dropfleet find ich ok, aber nicht dolle.

  • Ich liebe dieses Spiel. Eines der wenigen Games, das ich regelmäßig zocke. Ich werde mir wohl wieder eine Menge von dem obigen Zeug kaufen. Mir gefällt da eigentlich alles ganz gut. Aber die UCM Battelcruiser werde ich wohl etwas aufhübschen müssen. Das ist dann doch zu schlicht.

    Den Scourge Behemoth werde ich mir aber auch auf jeden Fall besorgen und für Dropfleet verwursten. Das ist so ein Modell, was meine Fantasie für Umbauten ungemein anfacht.

    Schön, das für DF/DZ regelmäßig was kommt, zwischenzeitlich sah es ja nicht so gut aus.

    Ich hoffe mal, dass der Brexit den ganzen kleinen Firmen nicht das Genick bricht. Gerade bei TT würde mir das richtig wehtun.

  • Bei uns geht gar nix was Dropfleet angeht. Jetzt sitze ich hier auf ner Shaltari Flotte rum.

    Aber schöne Sachen bringen sir immer wieder raus!

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