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Dropzone Commander: Resistance Neuheiten

TTCombat enthüllen weitere Einheiten der Resistance.

TTC Resistance Starter Army 1

Resistance Starter Army *PRE-ORDER 16th OCTOBER* – £35.00

After humanity was almost annihilated they left Earth and the Cradle Worlds behind. But that wasn’t all that they left. Survivors of the Scourge invasion, remnants of battles with Abandonists, and all those others that fell through the cracks were left for dead by the newly formed UCM.

Now, 160 years later, the survivors have banded together to form the Resistance, campaigning for freedom from alien invasion and from an overbearing government that deserted them. Taking to the battlefield in whatever vehicles they can cobble together, their time on occupied and deserted worlds has left the Resistance out-manned and out-gunned, but has bred some of the finest fighters in the galaxy.

This box contains a perfect small Resistance army. With 2 anti-tank Hannibals, 6 AA Gun Wagons, and 12 bases of Resistance Fighters in 6 Jackson Half Tracks, you have a solid core for an army. The army is transported in 2 Kraken Hovercraft and 3 Lifthawks for aerial support.

The army is led by a Commander in a Hydra Relay Hovercraft. This small vehicle can traverse most terrain, allowing your Commander to get across the battlefield to where you need them. Armed with a missile launcher, it can hold its own, allowing you to get stuck into the fight.

The miniatures in this set have been designed for ease of assembly, so have fewer pieces than their equivalent in separate kits. The Hydra, Lifthawks, and Krakens are all unique to this set, with separate packs offering the classic miniatures in more pieces.

This set includes:

  • Resin Armour & Infantry: The Resistance army is made from fine detailed resin. These multi-part kits allow you to get a varied looking army, with each
    vehicle as a slightly different build. The Lifthawks and Kraken Hovercraft are fantastic miniatures, able to transport a wide variety of Resistance units.
  • Resin Command: The Hydra Relay Hovercraft provides Resistance players with an inexpensive Command choice, cast in fine detailed resin. This miniature comes in one piece, able to drive onto the battlefield on its own, not needing to rely on another transport to get to the enemy.
  • Resistance Fastplay Cards & Template: Designed to get you playing straight away, these cards contain rules for all the units in this box. There is also a quick reference card for the full rules, making gameplay easier. There is also a Dropzone Commander Blast template for any Area effect weapons you might want to use.

Contains 32 multi-part resin miniatures, 1 acrylic template, and fast play cards. Scenery and scenic bases not included.

Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled. This kit will require cleaning and assembly, and could need some small holes filled.

TTC Hydra Relay Circe Attack Hovercraft 1 TTC Hydra Relay Circe Attack Hovercraft 2

Hydra Relay/Circe Attack Hovercraft *PRE-ORDER 16th OCTOBER* – £10.00

The practice of Resistance commanders sending their armies into battle in vast hovercrafts is not one of tactical advantage, but more necessity. Faster and hardier than the frequently ramshackle or low-spec technicals and wagons, the hovercrafts fill a vital role when air support isn’t available. The Resistance have found great success in accompanying the transport hovercraft with attack and support variants.

Smaller than the Kraken, the N2 frame can provide this tactical flexibility. Commanders will often pilot the Hydra Relay Hovercraft, which is not only outfitted with a large missile bank, but also a Scanner Array, which is useful to Resistance forces in identifying and tagging enemy movements. With the relatively low-tech systems on most Resistance vehicles, constant communication with the Hydra can prove invaluable to target their opponents.

Alternatively the N2 can be outfitted with an assault variant, commonly called the Circe Attack Hovercraft. A pre-war hybrid design, the Circe saw limited use before the Scourge invasion, but necessity (and the often complete unpreparedness of enemy commanders to deal with hovercraft) has meant it has found a new purpose. Armed with a medium-bore 180mm Vengeance Cannon for hunting enemy vehicles, it is backed up with a devastating anti-infantry flamer. With such a varied armament it is a danger to many enemies, and fully encompasses the mixed warfare approach of Resistance forces.

The Hydra is a great choice for Resistance players looking to field an inexpensive Command option to accompany massed Krakens and Leviathans. And a Circe Attack Hovercraft is a great all-round vehicle!

A Hydra has a decent ranged attack, with a Double Rocket Battery able to hurt anything thanks to its Penetrative rule. Combined with its scanning equipment, these missiles are accurate for longer ranges than usual, which means the Hydra is a great back-field unit. Its Scanner Array is a big deal too, letting all friendly unit re-roll hit rolls of 1 against an enemy within its line of sight. Combined with mass fire from Resistance wagons and technicals, that’s a big deal!

Meanwhile the Circe does a bit of everything! Its 180mm Vengeance Cannon is an upgrade from the Hannibal, but not quite as deadly as the Alexander, offering Resistance players a mid-level hunter that can still pack a punch with Devastator 2 against Skimmers and Tanks. The co-axial Flamer does exactly what you’d expect as well. With a 9″ range and 6 Shots its excellent at hurting enemy infantry in dug-in Garrisons, and that decent range gives it a lot of flexibility.

Contains one multi-part resin miniature with parts to make either a Hydra Relay Hovercraft or a Circe Attack Hovercraft.

TTC Swifthawk Tilt Jets 1 TTC Swifthawk Tilt Jets 2 TTC Swifthawk Tilt Jets 3 TTC Swifthawk Tilt Jets 4

Swifthawk Tilt-Jets *PRE-ORDER 16th OCTOBER* – £10.00

The Resistance have been living on pre-war scraps of technology for 250 years. Whether on occupied worlds or out in the depths of space, there is a limit to what these fighters can do with what they have. Kalium however, has had no such trouble. While the rogue colony with its Foldspace Nodes scrambled has had little in the way of innovation, their distance from the war front has meant they can put resources into resurrecting plenty of old designs. The Swifthawk Tilt-jet is one of those designs.

A cross between the Strikehawk and Hellhog, the Swifthawk was the early predecessor of the UCM’s Raven. Able to soar through the air or hover in place, this small aircraft has been seen in the skies above Earth since the invasion began. Seeing the speed and manoeuvrability (alongside the added air support), Resistance cells all over the planet have found reason to fix up as many as possible, helping their veterans drop quickly into battle.

The Resistance’s answer to a small aerial transport, the Swifthawk does all that, and does it well! Up-gunned compared to its Colonial cousin, the Swifthawk deals deadly fire as well as offering its cargo alternative ways to enter the battle.

While its Light Missile Battery won’t win any awards for „most devastating“, it also has a Machine Gun for hosing down Garrisons before it throws out its passengers. Hover Mode gives anyone embarked the Rapid Insertion special rule, which means this transport is excellent at providing a massive first turn surge – something Resistance players will certainly appreciate, since their Hovercrafts often take a little longer to get there!

Contains two multi-part resin Swifthawk Tilt-Jets.

TTC Tempest Interceptor 1 TTC Tempest Interceptor 2 TTC Tempest Interceptor 3 TTC Tempest Interceptor 4

Tempest Interceptor *PRE-ORDER 16th OCTOBER* – £10.00

The Triumvirate of UCM, PHR, and Kalium has provided new hope on Earth and all the colony worlds. Their combined offensive has brought with it devastating loses for the alien Scourge, and Resistance ground forces have used those to their full advantage.
Previously unable to provide decent air support, Resistance occupiers have broken through into airfields and fuel depots across their worlds, fuelling and arming their pre-war relics. The Tempest Interceptor is seeing flight once more!

Larger than more modern aircraft, the Tempest is yet another example of pre-war military bloat. Expensive to make beyond measure, this interceptor is no less deadly for it. The motto of Tempest pilots is to „hit before they even know you’ve taken off“, which is often very easy with their long ranged Hailstorm Cannons.

We know that most Resistance commanders have a fair amount of anti-air weaponry (heck, you’re one of the only factions able to take it as a Standard choice!). But they definitely don’t have much that’s especially accurate. The Tempest is that thing.

A sturdy Interceptor indeed, the Tempest also incredibly fast. That means it has lots of options for dog fighting! The Tempest doesn’t have to get close thanks to its 24″ Countered range, which means you can command the skies. The Hailstorm Cannons also have a massive AA-4, and although they only hit on a 4+ it means your opponents are rarely ever going to benefit from their Evasion. Pull the trigger and watch them fall!

Contains one resin Tempest Interceptor.

Hier ein kleiner Größenvergleich der neuen Flieger:

TTC Swifthawk Tilt Jets 5

Weiter geht es mit Bases:

TTC 5 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 1 TTC 5 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 2 TTC 5 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 3 TTC 5 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 4 TTC 5 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 5

5-hole Urban Infantry Bases *PRE-ORDER 16th OCTOBER* – £8.00

Jenkins could feel the rumbling of the Condor above through the concrete at her feet. The „green angels“ had arrived, and they were 200 years too late..

This set contains a whole bunch of urban style Dropzone infantry bases. All kitted out with 5 holes, they’re perfect for your Frontline Infantry bases, or anything with 5 troops to a stand.

Modelled after a city environment, these bases provide a great template to apply extra detailing and bits of rubble to your heart’s content!

Contains 18 random resin bases in 3 different styles.

TTC 3 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 1 TTC 3 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 2 TTC 3 Hole Urban Infantry Bases 3

3-hole Urban Infantry Bases *PRE-ORDER 16th OCTOBER* – £8.00

The Shaltari battlesuits strode confidently down the boulevard. Armoured from head to toe (and those weren’t even their actual heads or toes), they were a sight to behold. That is, if the sergeant didn’t know firsthand just how deadly they were. He stole one more glance before darting over the rubble and – hopefully – out of sight.

This set contains a whole bunch of urban style Dropzone infantry bases. All kitted out with 3 holes, they’re perfect for Shaltari players or anyone looking to take some Exotic infantry in their armies.

Modelled after a city environment, these bases provide a great template to apply extra detailing and bits of rubble to your heart’s content!

Contains 18 random resin bases in 3 different styles.

Dropzone Commander wird in Deutschland über den Verlag Martin Ellermeier vertrieben.

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  • Die neue Starterbox der Resistance ist richtig klasse. Leider bin ich bei Dropzone Commander jetzt schon rund zwei Jahre raus und habe zuletzt auch meine DzC Spielplatte aus dem einen Kickstarter verkauft. Aber ich wünsche dem System, dass es mit den jetzt endlich wieder regelmäßig erscheinenden Neuheiten doch einen zweiten Frühling erlebt.

  • Hm… die Platten aus dem Kickstarter aus Kunststoffplatten mit strukturierter Oberfläche in DZC Optik habe ich auch noch im Keller. Hatte immer mal darüber nachgedacht die zu verkaufen.

    • Wäre mal an der Zeit, die wieder rauszufriemeln und zu spielen – die haben ja weit mehr Nerven als Geld gekostet, da wär ein Verkauf schade…

  • Sorry aber der Tempest sieht aus wie das Resultat wenn eine Viper mit Darkwings Donnerquack übers Wochenende in einem Hussel eingeschlossen werden.
    Aber sonst wie üblich super Fahrzeugdesigns

    • Witzig, für mich sieht er aus wie eine Kreuzung aus Viper und amerikanischem Sportwagen der 40er und 50er Jahre. 🙂
      Passt imho sehr gut in die Fraktion und ist schön wuchtig.
      Aber ein Donnerquack-Paintjob wäre Hammer! 😀

  • Mir gefallen die Sachen auch, vor allem die Panzer der Reistance, der Swifthawk oder auch das Hovercraft. Eigentlich schade, dass Dropzone Commander in unserer Gegend nie so richtig angelaufen ist. Vom Design bzw. der Ästhetik der Figuren finde ich einer der besten SciFi Systeme im kleinen Maßstab. Zudem hat es halt den Vorteil, als „Gesamtpaket“ gut verfügbar zu sein. Klar gibt es auch gute Baukasten-Systeme wie Grunts und Hersteller die Kursan oder Brigade Models, doch hier können gerade Einsteiger gut alles aus einer Quelle beziehen, was es für ein System ja meistens leichter macht, Fuß zu fassen.

  • Verglichen mit meinem Helldog ist die Tempest wirklich keine Schönheit, aber die Dropships für die Infanterie ist wirklich toll geworden. Die Fraktion hat sich super weiterentwickelt

  • Ich mag die Designs nur… So klein..
    Vielleicht gibt es ja optional mal ein 28 mm System?. Meine Augen sind leider nicht gut genug für so kleine Systeme 😞

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