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Creature Caster: Necromancer Dragon

Bei Creature Caster kann bald die größte Resin Miniatur vorbestellt werden, welche die Firma bis dato produziert hat: der Necromancer Dragon.

Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon1 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon2 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon3 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon4 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon5 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon6 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon7 Creature Caster Necromancer Dragon8

Creature Caster – Necromancer Dragon – 195,00 USD (ab 27.11.2020)

Masters of Life and Death – Necromancer Dragon

Wielding dark powers to command the undead, the Necromancer Dragon bends the laws of existence to suit its own selfish whims.

This is the largest and most ambitious creation by Creature Caster to date.  To celebrate this achievement, we have a first run collector’s edition that will include a limited edition numbered art print!

Incredible Detail and Monster Size!

An absolutely insane 370mm (14 1/2″ inches) from the bottom of its base to the tip of its wings.  This Dragon is much bigger than our previous “most ambitious” model, the King of Malifica.

This beast will just barely squeeze onto the popular Detolff display cabinets (available from Ikea). With magnetized wings for transport and removable hair for future additions, this is a kit that will keep on giving.

The dragon is hand-cast in pure, unfilled resin. It comes with a custom 160mm round base (you could eat dinner on this thing). Model is unassembled and unpainted. Intended for ages 14+.

Necromancer Dragons possess an innate knowledge of death and wield dark power over the dead.

They are able to gather up the scattered essence of the deceased, binding it to their lifeless bodies, and animating them like puppets.

Even at a young age, these dragons can make the corpses of the recently departed perform in a macabre pantomime. They can often be seen playing with their food before eating it; their victims twirl and pirouette in erratic motion, wearing blissful smiles in stark contrast to their clouded, unseeing eyes. As the dragon devours pieces of their flesh, the dead continue to dance for as long as they have the legs to do so.

A mature Necromancer Dragon can command entire armies of skeletal soldiers, or reanimate a court of rotting servants to wait upon them. The oldest and most powerful are known to reanimate their own kindred in an act that other dragon species view as a repulsive perversion of nature. Most Necromancer Dragons are not limited to only reanimative powers, however, as they are also capable of belching out waves of dark magic that age and wither all that they touch.

There are few other creatures as deadly and as abhorred in the entire multiverse.

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