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Core Space: First Born Kickstarter endet

Der aktuelle Kickstarter von Battle Systems ist auf der Zielgeraden.

Und darum geht es:

BS Core Space First Born 1

At the furthermost tip of the Perseus arm of our galaxy burns a small white star. Here lie the remnants of the First Born, an advanced civilization that conquered the galaxy long ago but have since been dormant, waiting for the younger species to take their first steps into space.

This sleep wasn’t dreamless, and over the millennia the First Born were slowly driven mad. Fanatical and paranoid, they have learned to fear and despise the new species that they once longed for.

When the Traders arrived in a seemingly abandoned asteroid field to pick over the bones of a long-dead people, the First Born were awoken…

BS Core Space First Born 2

Core Space: First Born is a sci-fi miniatures board game in which you control a band of Traders venturing into the ancient First Born temples. The game takes place on the highly- detailed 3D board included in the box. Your Traders must explore the area, fulfil their objectives, salvage what they can and then escape back to their ship, spending their earnings on desperately-needed repairs. The exciting campaign system will track your crew from game to game, developing their skills, upgrading their equipment and immersing you in their story.

BS Core Space First Born 3

First Born is based on last year’s cyberpunk bestseller Core Space (see ‘What is Core Space?’ below for full details) but is a fully standalone starter set playable by new and existing players alike. It retains the same simple core mechanics and our unique ‘real search’ system while seamlessly integrating this new and mysterious alien race.

To find out more about the gameplay, download the rules HERE or check out the playthrough videos further down the page.

BS Core Space First Born 4

This time the narrative campaign in the starter set is built for a single crew and playable co-op and solo – something that’s long been requested for the game! It is of course fully compatible with the existing range of crews and expansions as well as our wide selection of terrain. All Core Space expansions and boosters are modular so you can mix and match them for a fully customisable experience, from a solo RPG-style adventure to a full-on 6-player PvP skirmish.

To win you will need to follow the Trader credo:


BS Core Space First Born 5

Core Space is a fully self-contained skirmish game – everything you need to play the game, including a 2’/60cm square neoprene mat covered in our award-winning modular terrain (no glue or paint required!), is included in the starter set. Established players will be excited to hear that all of the miniatures, terrain and equipment in the box are brand-new, expanding on the huge Core Space universe with never-seen-before settings, characters and stories.

Das ist drin:

BS Core Space First Born 6 BS Core Space First Born 7 BS Core Space First Born 8 BS Core Space First Born 9 BS Core Space First Born 10 BS Core Space First Born 11 BS Core Space First Born 12

Yes, that’s right, the pledge includes the incredible Fury of the Insane God expansion right from the start!

Dissatisfied with the gods of old, a fanatical faction of the First Born created their own: the True Gods. Genetically engineered to be the most intelligent form of First Born; millions of years without stimulus has atrophied their once-great minds. In a real sense this has reduced them to little more than beasts, but they are extremely powerful and near indestructible.

This expansion includes one of these True Gods. It’s the biggest miniature we have ever made for Core Space and stands over 120mm tall! It’s designed to straddle the terrain, representing its phenomenal power to reform the living rock of the surrounding chambers it as it moves. Flanked by its two hulking Guardians and with brand-new missions to tell its story, this is a challenge your Traders can’t afford to miss.

Like all Battle Systems Kickstarters, it won’t end here. We’ll be packing the pledge with more and more content throughout the campaign. Don’t miss out!

Dieses Video bietet weitere Infos:

Und das ist eine der neuen Erweiterungen:

BS Core Space First Born 13

The Gates of Ry’sa are a network of interlinked portals to other worlds, times or alternate realities. The gates are not wormholes like Lagrange points nor tears in time and space like Core Space; instead the gates imprint a galactic ‚map‘ on the traveller’s own neural network to alter its place in time, space and reality.

The First Born primarily use the Gates to travel between asteroids within their own star system, and they keep this technology heavily guarded from intruders…

The Gates of Ry’sa is a brand-new expansion to Core Space First Born that adds these gates to the game along with some powerful new First Born threats – the Talos and the Cerberosa. See Update 11 for full details.

BS Core Space First Born 14

The new narrative campaign in the expansion will see your Traders attempt to secure one of these gates for themselves before passing through it to reach yet more undiscovered treasures in the more distant First Born asteroid bases. New equipment and mining opportunities await amongst the incredible new terrain pieces included in this set. The gates are housed in enormous caverns large enough for all manner of creatures to come through, and the shifting colours in the energy pylons make for an eye-catching centrepiece to your gaming table. New event cards shuffled into the deck will represent the reality-shifting nature of the nearby gate.

The expansion can be added to your pledge for just £31 (see Add-ons below for full details).

Und das ist eine Liste aller Add-ons:

BS Core Space First Born 15 BS Core Space First Born 16 BS Core Space First Born 17 BS Core Space First Born 18 BS Core Space First Born 19 BS Core Space First Born 20 BS Core Space First Born 21 BS Core Space First Born 22 BS Core Space First Born 23 BS Core Space First Born 24 BS Core Space First Born 25 BS Core Space First Born 26 BS Core Space First Born 27 BS Core Space First Born 28

Und das sind die Infos zum Porto:

Shipping is not included in the pledge pricing and will be charged separately after the Kickstarter campaign. Once we know how many pledges we have to fulfil we can use this information to negotiate the best possible shipping prices with our fulfilment partners.

The following prices are estimates based on shipping a single pledge via courier. The final cost of shipping will vary depending on your exact location, the number of sets bought, the number of unlocked stretch goals and any optional add-ons you choose.

  • UK Mainland – £6-8
  • UK – Northern Ireland, Highlands, Islands etc – £8-12
  • Western Europe – £12-18
  • Eastern Europe / Scandinavia – £15-30
  • USA – £8-12
  • Canada – £15-20
  • Australia – £10-15
  • New Zealand – £15-20
  • Rest of the World – £35-60

Note that some locations including islands and remote areas will have higher costs than those listed above. The exact costs for these locations and all others not currently listed will be stated in the pledge manager once we have finalised the prices with our fulfilment centres.

We will be shipping from within the UK, EU, US, Canada and Australia to minimise any customs fees and taxes for backers in these locations. Orders to all other countries will be shipped from the UK. Any additional costs of shipping to a country such as import duties, handling fees, taxes or anything else are the responsibility of the backer and cannot be covered by us.

Die Kampagne endet in 4 Tagen.

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