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CAV Strike Operations: Neue Previews

Freunde kleiner Mechs kriegen heute neue Teaser von CAV.

CAV Strike Operations 1 CAV Strike Operations 2

Wanted to take a sec and share a couple of models we have finished up for production. I hope to have an updated release schedule to share ASAP. With the events of 2020 so far, needless to say our plans for this year are just as messed up as everyone’s!
These are both Almirithil CAVs, the 6 DT Cobra, and the 8 DT King Cobra. I can’t wait to get this on the battlefield. Enjoy! CB

CAV Strike Operations 3 CAV Strike Operations 4 CAV Strike Operations 5 CAV Strike Operations 6 CAV Strike Operations 7

Well the preview yesterday went over so well that I thought I would tease you a little more with more of our upcoming releases. All of these were sculpted by Tom Buttery with the exception of the Despot B, which is an update to the old design by Chris Lewis.

Quelle: Talon Games auf Facebook


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